There are plenty of olive leaf extract benefits that you can get, mostly very good for your health as well as to maintain your condition. This extract of olive leaf is actually been used since long time ago as herbal medicine. So you should not need to doubt the benefits as there are already several studies done to proof the effectiveness. Here are the benefits that you can get.

1. Energy

The first olive leaf extract benefits are for your energy. Consuming this leaf extract is known to be able to give you boost of energy. Especially, since it can help your body in fighting free radicals which can damage your body. When your body is healthier because there is less free radicals in your body, then it will be able to produce more energy. This is the reason why this leaf extract had been used for a long time as one of the ingredient inside health tonic.

2. Blood Pressure

There is a study done in 2011 to know more about olive leaf extract benefits in connection with blood pressure. Especially when compared it to captopil since the second is actually a type of medicine that is given to people who has high level of blood pressure. During the study, the subjects were given this extract of olive leaf in 500 mg dose. The study itself is done in 8 weeks where the subjects were asked to take the extract for two times every day. And the result is amazing as it can lower the level of diastolic as well as systolic type of blood pressure.

From the study we can learn that both captopil as well as the extract of olive leaf are every effective in lowering your blood pressure. Thus you can also use this extract of olive leaf so you can prevent your blood pressure from getting higher. Additionally, this extract of olive leaf is not only effective in lowering your blood pressure. Since it’s also able to lower your triglyceride level, which is a type of bad cholesterol that you should get rid from your blood. Additionally consuming the captopil to lower the level of your blood pressure is actually able to give you a lot of side effects such as dry cough, losing taste and dizziness.

3. Toothache

When you experience some toothache, it’s surely very painful. But do not worry as you can try to reduce the pain by using this olive leaf extract. Especially since inside this leaf extract there are great properties which can reduce the infection that causing your toothache. Thus it will also able to relieving the painful feeling at the same time.

4. Cardiovascular Health

Other olive leaf extract benefits that you can get are for your cardiovascular health. You should know that the extract of olive leaf is actually already been used for thousands of years in supporting the cardiovascular health in the form of tonic. Actually if you consume this tonic in high dose, then it will be able to reduce the high level of LDL which is another form of bad cholesterol in your blood. It is also able to help in making your level of blood pressure become normal once again which is very important factor in cardiovascular health.

Inside the extract of olive leaf there are two substances which are beneficial for your cardiovascular health. First is the Oleuropein which is a glycoside that you can find inside the olive leaf. Second is the hydroxytyrosol which actually a product of Oleuropein that you can find inside the olive as well as the olive leaf. Both of those substances are actually able to reduce the risk of certain diseases such as a few forms of disease as well as coronary heart.

Actually there is already a research done by Biomedical Sciences School which located in Australia. In this research they use rats, and then they give the rats food which consists of high carbohydrate as well as high fat for around sixteen weeks. On the rat which does not given treatment using the extract of olive leaf, they were developing signs from elevated belly, hepatic fat development, deposition of collagen inside the liver and the heart. Meanwhile on the rats that are given the extract of olive leaf, they are able to developed normal or even improved cardiovascular function, hepatic function, as well as good metabolic sign. From this research we can conclude that the extracts of olive leaf are able to reverse the effect of cardiovascular stress as well as inflammation that are causing many chronic diseases.

5. Weight Control

If you have problem in keeping your weight as you constantly craving for more food, then you can try to use the extract of olive leaf. This extract is known to reduce your craving for food, thus you will eat less than before. Constantly craving for more food is usually causing you to eat more snacks which actually does not make you full but does give a lot of calories into your consumption. However, when you are able to reduce your craving, then you will be able to manage your weight easier. But of course, you also need to help with doing more workouts in order to burn your fat deposit. Nevertheless, this leaf extract is really helpful in the process.

6. Diabetes

There is a study done in Greece, so they can measure on the extract of olive leaf effect in the creation of AGEs inside your body. This AGEs is actually a dangerous substance that becomes one of the factor that can trigger the development of diabetes as well as several other chronic diseases. That is why to prevent the development of diabetes, and then in it’s important to inhibit the creation of AGEs on the patient that are suffering from diabetes. There is already done studies on this back in 2013 which result that the extract of olive leaf are very great to be used in treating diabetes illness.

Additionally the olive leaf extract benefits are actually also create hyperglycemic effect on your body. Thus it can be used to reduce the level of blood sugar inside your body. This leaf is also able to control the level of glucose in your blood. Especially since the polyphenols which contained inside this leaf is able to delay the creation of sugar. The sugar is actually the main cause of many kinds of disease which caused by inflammatory such as this diabetes. There is already a study done to see effect from the extract of olive leaf on people which given starch based food. The study shows that this extract is able to inhibit the rising of glucose in their blood.

7. Joint Pain

If you are experiencing some pain in your joint, then you might want to take advantage of the extract of olive leaf. Especially since this leaf extract has anti inflammatory properties which can really help you with reducing the paint on your joint. The pain in your join is usually caused by inflammation that happens underneath. Thus consuming the extract of olive leaf with anti inflammatory properties will be able to reduce the inflammation that has become the cause of the pain. When the inflammation is reduced then the pain will be relief.

8. disease

Other important olive leaf extract benefits are use of this leaf in treating disease. Especially, because it has properties which can stop the process of angiogenic.  This process is actually able to stimulate tumor growth which eventually will turn into disease. There is a substance inside the olive leaf which is oleuropein that also have an antioxidant as well as anti-angiogenic properties. These properties have effect which able to inhibit the creation as well as the immigration of the advanced tumor cell.

Actually there is already a study done in Greece to know more about the olive leaf extract benefits. Through this research the antioxidant potential owned by olive leaf showed a strong result especially when used to inhibiting the growth of cell which associated to numerous diseases such as urinary bladder, breast disease, as well as brain disease.

9. Heartbeat

If you have irregular heartbeat, then you might want to take the extract of olive leaf to regulate the beat. Irregular heartbeat can be caused by various things and one of them is high blood pressure. When your blood pressure is high then your heart will have some trouble in pumping your blood throughout your body. It will highly burden your heart which makes the heartbeat become irregular. However the extract of olive leaf will be able to lower your blood pressure and make it normal once again. Thus your heart will not be burdened and the heartbeat can be regular once again. So it’s suggested for you to consume the extract of olive leaf regularly if you want to be able to maintain your blood pressure and heartbeat at the same time.

10. Brain

Actually the extract of olive leaf also has great benefit on your brain function. There is several studies done to oleuropein which is the main compound found in this leaf. This compound is able to reduce the occurrence and symptoms related to brain disorder which usually comes with age such as Alzheimer as well as dementia disorder.

In the research, it’s shown that the Alzheimer disorder has connection to the amount of free radical in the body. That is why since this extract of olive leaf is actually has great amount of antioxidant inside, then it can be used in fighting the damage caused by those free radical. Thus it will be able to protect your brain from experiencing memory loss. Additionally, the use of this extract of olive leaf is a natural alternative that is not only safe to use but also very effective.

11. Arthritis

This disease will cause some swelling which is very painful in your joins. Notice that it’s a swelling that also means it’s a form of inflammation. But you should not have to worry, since the olive leaf extract benefits works very well as arthritis treatment naturally. Especially since this leaf has anti inflammatory properties.

There is a study done in 2012 which shown this leaf extract is able to reduce the paw swelling on rats that has arthritis. The reason is because this extract of olive leaf is able to reduce inflammation which available on the joins.

The osteoarthritis is actually the most known arthritis type, which already impacted on 33 mil adult in America and more. This type of arthritis can happen if the cartilage which located between the joint as well as the bones is wearing down. This is causing the two bones to rub into one another. Since there is no protection as well as cushion which should be provided by the cartilage.

There is already a study done using the extract of olive leaf which able to reduce the chronic pain experienced in osteoarthritis. Additionally, this leaf extract is also able to reduce the formation of enzymes as well as cytokines which are causing the inflammation process.

12. Infections

There are plenty great olive leaf extract benefits that are useful in fighting infection such as tuberculosis, candida infections, pneumonia, meningitis, chronic fatigue, malaria, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, as well as shingles. It is also able to be used as natural treatment for several infections such as dental infection, urinary tract and also ear infection.

In 2003 there is a research that tries to proof the effectiveness of antimicrobial properties inside the extract of olive leaf especially when used against fungi and bacteria. In this research this leaf extract is able to kill almost every bacteria which used on the test that also includes the dermatophytes bacteria which cause infection to hair, skin or nail, the candida albicans which worked as agent in infection on genital and oral, and the Escherichia coli bacterial which can actually be found in lower intestine.

13. Wound

If you have some wound, you might want to give treatment using this extract of olive leaf. Especially, since there is anti microbial properties inside the extract of olive leaf which is very useful for your wound. Not only it’s able to make your wound to heal faster, but it will make sure that you do not get infection on your wound. Additionally it’s also able to make your immune system become stronger. This means your wound would not get infected from things that have infection potential. This extract of olive leaf has need used as herbal medicine in treating various wound for a long time.

14. Immune System

You should know that the leaf of olive has antiviral ability which creates properties that can be used to fight common cold disease and even several dangerous viruses. Additionally there is already research done to the extract of olive leaf which show that it’s very effective when used to fight microbes that are causing several diseases which also includes the virus that is causing influenza or any other types of infection in respiratory.

Especially since the compound found inside this leaf extract is very powerful in destroying organism that tries to invade your body, it will also able to inhibit the viruses from multiply which will cause the infection.

The reason why the olive leaf extract benefits are so powerful is because it’s also able to reverse the change caused by HIV-1 infection to people who get treated with this leaf extract. This is found by university of medicine school in New York.

15. Skin Protection

You should know that the extract of olive leaf is able to revise the damage on your skin which you get over the years as well as sign from aging. Especially since this leaf extract also contained antioxidant which able to prevent many kinds of damage to your skin cells especially on damage caused by oxidation. You should know that food or herb which contains antioxidant is actually able to be a good tool for your cell and skin health.

A Japanese pharmacology found through their biochemical division that the extract of olive leaf which given on mice that already get damaged from UV radiation, it can decrease the process of skin thickness as well as skin elasticity. Both are actually sign from damaged skin. Additionally the treatment that is using this leaf extract is also able to inhibit the growth of tumor cell as well as carcinogenesis on the skin.

Actually the olive leaf extract benefits is already been used since a long time ago. Especially by those people who are live in Mediterranean area which the olive grows. In fact the number of diseases which related to coronary and even disease is very low in that area because the people already consume the extract of olive leaf as part of their normal diet. So it’s now time for you to also get the benefit which can make you become healthier by consuming this extract of olive leaf.

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