Some of you maybe still unfamiliar with a drink called Zobo, but this drink can be found easily in many International restaurants or Nigerian restaurants. If you experience the drink for the first time, maybe you will be impressed by the fresh and delicious taste this beverage provided.

However, this drink that comes directly from West Africa is not only cherished due to the tasty flavor, but also the health benefits which you can gain when consume it. The nutrition contained in Zobo drink even can be used to prevent and cure certain diseases/ illnesses. Before we share to you all of the healthy benefits of Zobo drink, you should understand more about other information about the drink below.

About Zobo Drink Origin and Naming

The name was originally came from Nigeria, West Africa, however since the traditional drink start gaining popularity all over the world and consumed in many places, now the drink being called in various names. For example, it has been named as Sorrel by Caribbean people while in Sudan, people calling it as Karkade and Mexican prefers to call it as Aguas Frescas. However as general, once you mention about ‘Zobo’ drink, people will understand what it is, one of the most popular traditional or local drinks from Nigeria which now can be enjoyed in many countries at various places. As for your information, the major producer of Zobo is from Yoruba since people on there have their creativities to make the drink into other certain dishes such as tea, soup, and even jams.

Zobo drink derived from Hibiscus Sabdariffa leaves or mostly known as Roselle leaves which dried and taken from Hibiscus plant species which a native and original plant from West Africa. This is mean that you can add any extra ingredients to your Zobo drink with the leaves as the main ingredient which cannot be removed because they are the main source of health benefits of Zobo drink. The nicest thing about making Zobo drink is that no matter of what the secondary ingredients you add into the drink, it will still taste pleasant, delicious, colorful, and thick. People also believe that the Roselle leaves have their own strength so the unique taste will remain stronger than the additional ingredients added or mixed to the drink.

Zobo Drink Nutritional Values

You also need to know about Zobo drink nutritional values which applied only in the Roselle leaves meaning that the health nutrition can be increased when you add other healthy ingredients. Some of the nutrients provided by the dried leaves including:

  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Phosphorous
  • Niacin
  • Riboflavin
  • Fiber
  • Fat
  • Thiamine
  • Carotene, etc.

All these nutrients make excellent health advantages of Zobo drink which can aid in boosting body immune system and metabolism. Zobo drink also contains anti-bacterial properties, rich in water soluble antioxidants, antioxidants, anti-hypertensive properties, and many more. The nutrition provided by the Zobo frink works effectively prevents certain diseases or illnesses.

15 Health Benefits of Zobo Drink

You can make Zobo drink recipe at home by searching for some recipes. You can try to mix Zobo drink with other ingredients like pineapple, garlic, or ginger since those three materials are generally used to make Zobo drink as secondary ingredients, of course you also need to add water. In addition, you can also try to combine the drink with lime, honey, lemon, orange, strawberry, and many more. For instant drink, you can try to purchase ready-to-drink Zobo products which available in the form of powder. You just need to mix it with cold or hot water and you can enjoy your quality time while relaxing with Zobo drink.

Now, below are several health benefits which you can get when consumes this wonderful leaves, such as:

1. Help to Restore Appetite

Zobo drink contains numerous minerals and vitamins like calcium, carotene, iron, free-caffeine, fiber, and so on. The loss of appetite sometimes related with your digestive system and thus when your digestion works well, it means that you will get your appetite back.

The nutrients contained in the drink can help you to get your loss appetite while overcome any worm and bacteria in your digestive system thanks to the existence of anti-bacterial properties found in Zobo drink.

2. Deal with High Blood Pressure

There is some study conducted by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) in 2008 that proved consuming Zobo drink can help to lower high blood pressure particularly in a group of pre hypertension and mild hypertension of adults.

The enzyme inhibitor contained in the Hibiscus leaves can be used to lower the blood stream by blocking amylsea production which is an enzyme that can break down complex sugar and starches. This is also related to the natural essences provided by the Roselle leaves with natural sweet flavor and rich in healthy nutrition including anti-hypertensive properties that automatically work together to manage sugar level in your blood stream thus they can lower blood stream. This is amazing health benefits of Zobo drink.

3. Treat Constipation Problem

Just like we already mentioned above, Zobo drink nutritional values including high level of fiber. Healthy digestion is always linked to fiber content and if you have constipation problem then it’s mean there is something wrong with your digestive system.

To treat with such issue, you need to get enough fiber intakes each day and drinking Zobo drink can help you to treat constipation while improving your digestion system to run well.

4. Support and Control Weight Loss

If an individual consume too much sugar and starch provided by carbohydrate rich foods then they certainly will gain so much weight. Zobo drink is a drink which not only low in sugar but also fats; it’s high in fiber to help you have better digestion plus substance that inhibit the production of amylsea production which is an enzyme that can break down complex sugar and starches.

In conclusion, a person who drinks Roselle leaves regularly can prevent too much absorption of sugar or carbohydrates. The fact that this drink is low in sugar and fat meaning that it’s recommended for those who want to lose some weight or in diet plan.

5. Okay for People Who have Diabetes

People who suffer from diabetes are still allowed to consume Zobo drink and in fact, this drink can help to control your diabetic and so you can drink Zobo without any reservations. The properties or nutrients contained in the drink will not put diabetic people at any risk since they can have an option to not put sugar in the Zobo drink.

The delicious drink is even recommended for those who suffer from liver and kidney problems which we are going to explain why below.

6. Dealing with Kidney Disease

They said people who suffer from kidney disease is recommended to drink Zobo drink frequently since the traditional drink provides 15 to 30 percents of organic acid like tartaric acid, citric acid, and maleic acid. These acids can help to improve kidney ability to filter out oxalic and uric acid, two wastes which can lead to stone kidney disease.

However, it’s better to not put additional sugar to the drink to make the natural essence of Zobo drink performs more effectively.

7. Prevent Disease

Consuming the healthy drink can help to prevent certain disease disease because it rich in anti-oxidant properties which will fight against free radicals effects that always linked to diseases.

In addition, drink beverages rich in antioxidant helps to enhance immune system and as the consequences, the body will effectively fight against any diseases including diseases. This is other health benefits of Zobo drink.

8. Treats Cough and Cold

Zobo drink contains ascorbic acid which is a form of vitamin C that essential for our body to enhance immune system. Along with that, the drink provides anti-inflammatory plus anti-bacterial properties and thus the hibiscus drink tend to be made into supplements which can help to treat cough and cold.

Additionally, it has cooling effects that help to reduce the discomfort of fever which may accompany such illnesses.

9. Enhance Immune System

Just like we mentioned above, Zobo drink contains vitamin C, an important substance to help fight against certain diseases because it helps to enhance immune system. For adults, recommended daily intake of vitamin C is about 65 to 90 milligrams (mg) a day and thus you can start to consume Zobo regularly to get small amount of recommended vitamin C intake.

10. Calcium

The Nigeria traditional drink also provides calcium which is a mineral that can help to make your bones stronger. Calcium is known to have many beneficial including prevent osteoporosis. In addition, your body needs calcium so muscles, heart, and the muscles can work and function properly. Calcium also works to enhance stronger teeth and prevent any diseases that related with your bones.

11. Helps to Deal with Anemia

The nutritional values of Zobo leaves are show that the drink contains enough iron to improve the production of red blood cells. Those who suffer from anemia disease can start to consume this drink because it can help to enhance hemoglobin production so anemic symptoms such as tiredness, weakness, etc. can be prevented effectively.

The health benefits of Zobo drink herbs is really work well against anemia thanks to the iron content.

12. It Contains Vitamin B3 to Support Body Function

Zobo drink contains vitamin B3 or niacin which provides you with many healthy benefits including support brain function, maintain healthy skin, it helps to treat diabetes, and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is an important vitamin since it can help to maintain a healthy heart system plus body metabolism.

13. Good to Maintain Healthy Eyes

Carotene converts into vitamin A or retinol which useful to keep our eyes healthy and even enhances good vision. Combination between vitamin C and vitamin A will strengthen our immune system to fight against many diseases and moreover, vitamin A can help to maintain healthy mucus membrane, and it might help older people to retain their lung strength especially when they start aging.

14. Boosting Your Energy

Zobo drink contains water soluble vitamin in the form of riboflavin that provides many health benefits of Zobo beverage. Riboflavin or also known as vitamin B2 has numerous benefits but the most important role is the production of energy.

Meanwhile, B2 has a essential benefits to protect nervous system and boost minerals absorption in our body.

15. Maintains A Healthy Nervous System

Vitamin B1 or thiamine contained in Zobo drink helps to maintain a healthy nervous system along with vitamin B2 and it also help to improve the cardiovascular function in our body. It is a part of the water soluble vitamins which useful to break down protein and fats. It promotes healthy nervous system, hair, eyes, liver, and mouth.

Those are 15 health benefits of Zobo drink which you can experience directly by consuming this wonderful and amazing traditional hibiscus plant from Nigeria.