There are so many health benefits of Tapioca and that’s including the ability to increase red blood cell production, improve circulation, helps healthy weight gain, lower cholesterol, and so on. After proper cooking process, tapioca can be eaten in the natural form or you can also eat them in various culinary forms like pellets, flakes, and pearls. Those forms can be used in wide variety of desserts. The health benefits of tapioca are known in the whole world and they are used for thickening agent in jams and soups as well as to create healthy gluten free cakes and pies too. Tapioca function is abundant along with the healthy advantages which you can find out more here.

What is Tapioca?

Tapioca is a tasty starch extract that derived directly from the cassava plant. The most common use is for tapioca pudding; however the plant elements can also being used for certain things like snack and sweet candy. The useful part of cassava plant is the root where the tapioca is derived from and nowadays, the plant has been enjoyed globally in various countries thanks to the beneficial functions and nutrients.

Tapioca is native in South America particularly Northeastern Brazil which it’s known well as cassava while other countries also like to call it as manihot, manioc, and yuca. The characteristic of cassava plant is that the root is usually 1 to 2 pounds in weight and appears elongated, rough, and brown in color. The flesh of the tuber has white color and it contains high level of carbohydrates. The white flesh has sweet flavor, but it can be consumed after proper cooking only.

As for the tapioca, it’s considered a spurge belongs to the family of Euphorbiaceae and scientifically named Manihot esculenta. The Spanish and Portuguese explorers first brought the plant back to Europe from South America and it’s become widely famous among people and in the end spread throughout Africa, West Indies, and Asia. Although it’s not commonly cultivated in America, but the people on there is largely enjoyed eating tapioca especially with the fact that tapioca can be consumed as gluten free product. In addition, tapioca can also being used as thickening agent to replace wheat based fillers and preferred by those who suffer from celiac disease.

Some note need to be taken is that the tubers contain high level of toxicity and this is why people need to eat tapioca if it’s prepared properly from trusted source, because if not, the tubers can really be dangerous and poisonous. Avoid cultivating and consumes tapioca grown in the wild unless you are properly trained as an expert.

15 Health Benefits of Tapioca from Its Nutritional Values

Before we list some of the health benefits of tapioca, let’s find out the nutritional values which make tapioca such a wonderful and healthy food to be consumed. First, tapioca is really low in cholesterol, saturated fat, and sodium thus it can be eaten as a part of your diet. In addition, it also contains small amount of fiber with high protein and good cholesterol, tapioca provides B vitamins including essential properties like B6, folate acid, and pantothenic acid. Tapioca rich in minerals as well like iron, copper, manganese, calcium and selenium. 1 cup of tapioca packed with almost 45 percents of daily recommended intake of carbohydrates.

Now, it might be answered your question of why tapioca can brings many health benefits to human body. And check these amazing health benefits of tapioca bellow:

1. Strengthen The Bones

We already mentioned above that tapioca contains high amount of calcium and iron which are a great source to improve strong bones. They can help to protect the bones from any damages as you start aging. The bones density can be maintained and that’s why illness like osteoporosis can be prevented. Additionally, eating tapioca regularly in moderate amount is also great and really recommended because it provides energy.

2. Improve Digestion

Digestive system health is always related to fiber because these two elements cannot be separated. And since tapioca provides small amount of fiber, it can be consumed to maintain and support healthy digestive system. Tapioca is also easy to digest and thus it can improve and cool the system. It can help to prevent digestion problems like bloating and constipation. In fact, tapioca can prevent colorectal cance by maintain th digestive system in health condition.

3. Help to Keep You Feeling Full

People commonly consume wheat-contained foods to make themselves full in some period of time, however the wheat contains gluten and thus since tapioca is free from gluten makes it a better option. Tapioca is rich in carbohydrate and so it can be eaten to make yourself full without stuffing your stomach with gluten. And for those who in weight loss diet, you do not need to be worried when eating tapioca because it contains zero cholesterol.

4. Helps to Increase Blood Circulation

Again, because of the iron provided by tapioca, it can help to prevent iron-deficiency diseases such as anemia. The iron will help to improve red blood cells production and anemia, which is the condition of lack in red blood cell in the body appear, can be prevented effectively. In addition, the healthy benefits of tapioca from the iron content also lead to a better blood circulation because.

5. Boosting Energy

Feeling weak and fatigue can happen to many people and this is not an illness except there are some other symptoms occur which indicate certain diseases. To boost their energy, people love to consume sugary foods or calorie packed foods and drinks to boost their energy. But, for those who do not want to add more calories and fats into your body then you can depend on tapioca. Tapioca has zero cholesterol but high in carbohydrate, it’s one of the best options to boost your energy without adding too many fats and calories. And because of the fiber, it can help to make you feeling full so it can reduce carving and lower your appetite. If you want to recharge your energy then eat tapioca!

6. Helps to Gain Some Weight

While some people often struggling so hard to lose some weight, there are other people who want to gain more weight. The risk of overweight and underweight is just the same since both of them can lead to certain diseases. If you do not want to take so many supplements to gain weight then there is more natural way that you can do which is by eating tapioca thanks to the high amount of carbohydrate, tapioca can helps you to gain weight without increasing the bad cholesterol in your body. You do not need to put too much effort to get some weight with this amazing solution.

7. Lower Birth Defects

Children born with some defects can be traumatic for the parents so they need to prevent it to happen if that’s possible. Tapioca contains significant amount of vitamin B-complex and folic acid can help to support infant development in pregnant women so birth defects risk can at least being lowered or prevented. This is why tapioca makes a good choice for pregnant women thanks to the health benefits of tapioca cassava plant.

8. Support Healthy Brain

Vitamin K is not only great for our bones, but it also an excellent vitamin for healthy brain. It helps to stimulate neuronal activity and it’s mean that Alzheimer risk can be prevented or reduced. As you getting older, the lack of brain activity can lead to Alzheimer and vitamin K will protect the brain tissues from while fight against free radicals plus support neural pathways active.

9. Support Muscle Growth

The high amount of protein in tapioca helps to improve muscle density and with frequent consumption in moderate amount, some muscle related problems can also be prevented. Tapioca is great solution for those who do not want to eat fish or meat but suffer from lack of protein. Tapioca is not only cheaper but also easy to be eaten while fill your body with enough protein.

10. Treating Fatigue

Eating tapioca to treat fatigue is a good natural thing to do because tapioca contains iron. Because iron will support hemoglobin production in your body and lack of this red blood cells will make you feeling weak and easy to fatigue. When you feeling exhausted or tired, you can eat tapioca to boosting your energy and prevent fatigue, although iron is in small amount so do not depend on the tapioca to get your daily intake of iron each day.

11. Treating Temperature, Flu, and Headache

When people are suffering from flu or headache and also temperature, you can use tapioca as natural treatment. What you need to do just mix 12 gram of tapioca with water and some sugar. Stir the mixture and drink it. You can drink this solution three times a day until you feeling much better. The nutrients and properties provided by tapioca can treat those diseases.

12. Low in Sodium Content

Sodium is required by your body although the consumption needs to be limited because over consume of sodium can increase the blood pressure which in the end it can lead to certain illnesses. And being low in sodium level content makes the tapioca a good ingredient to make some dishes or desserts. You can try to cut down some amount of salt in dishes to lower the sodium level.

13. Removing Scars, Acne, and Spots

Tapioca can be used to remove the toxins out of your body and thus it can help to remove scars, acne, and spots. You can either using tapioca mask or you can also drink tapioca solution to gain these wonderful health benefits of tapioca for skin care. You just need to make a mixture with 30 gram of tapioca, 20 to 30 gram of green pea powder, water, and some sugar then drink it twice a day.

14. Carrying Oxygen

Iron helps to carry the oxygen throughout the body while maintain healthy blood pressure and in the end it’s a nice solution to support wound healing. That’s why if you feeling painful with the wound and you want it to heal faster then you can consume iron. Tapioca contains low level of iron and thus you can add it into dishes or make desserts and then eat it. You can also combine or mix the tapioca with other iron rich ingredients including dairy products, whole grains, legumes, and beans.

15. Support Metabolism

Tapioca is one of the healthiest ways to gain protein. And while some people prefer to consume meat and fish to get protein, you can try to eat tapioca instead. It is a new way to help improve body metabolism which lead to healthier muscle development, healing process and many more. In conclusion, one of the health benefits of tapioca is to support metabolism and not to mention it’s good meal for vegetarians.

Those are the wonderful health benefits of tapioca which you can experience directly by properly cooking tapioca and then consumed it regularly in moderate amount.

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