If you ever consume purple potatoes, you might be surprised how much the health benefits of purple potatoes can lead a better body system. This potato might not easy to get and rare to found.

Therefore, if feel curious and want to try it, only a certain place will provide the potatoes. Additionally, since this potato native to South America only, including in Peru and Bolivia, hence, no wonder if the other countries will not easy to get it.

A different color of potatoes such as brown or orange might be common to consume. But the purple potato is not that common.

However, it’s surprising that despite the unique color of this potato, apparently, it contains several vitamins and minerals that good for the health. Therefore, consume the potato will manage to avoid several unwanted diseases and relieve some sickness or symptoms.

Nutrient Content of Purple Potatoes

As mention before, the potatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals. Usually in one serving size of purple potato will bring nutrient including carbohydrates, fiber, and iron. It also rich with some vitamins such as vitamin A and C.

In every 3 pieces of purple potatoes also will bring 200 calories, 43 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein. Additionally, it has no fat. Therefore, it’s a good option for those who run a diet.

Through its nutrient content list, of course, the health benefits of purple potatoes for the body are numerous. However, people might feel a little bit curious about its sharp purple color.

Since it might look a little bit scary to consume. Fortunately, that the anthocyanins pigment inside this kind of potato is the main cause of the color.

Which apparently it’s a high anti-oxidant agent. Hence, it’s now clear why purple potatoes bring so many advantages.

Benefits of Purple Potatoes

As the potato brings many advantages, the demand is quite high. For those who never consume the potato or feel curious about it, below are some health benefits of purple potatoes in maintaining a good health.

1. High Anti-Oxidant

Potato usually contains an anti-oxidant agent. The same way as this purple potato. As mentioned previously that the purple potato is rich with anti-oxidant.

Therefore, this ingredient will help to avoid the free radical effects in the body. Additionally, it’s even good to avoid disease cell grow since it helps to avoid toxin and pollutant effect.

2. Avoid Early Aging

Another health benefits of purple potatoes including to help to avoid early aging signs. Big thanks to the anti-oxidant capacity that will lead to avoid any wrinkles and finelines.

This is how the potato will manage the face and body look healthier and even younger.

3. Improve Cognitive

Anti-oxidant also a good agent that will improve the brain function. Combine with good vitamins and protein, it will lead to better brain capacity and manage an improved cognition.

Hence, consume purple potato also can be another alternative to get a better memory and thinking.

4. High Fiber

Potato contains a high number of fibers that will need by the human body. As fiber is one of the important things to make sure all the body metabolism and mechanism can run well. Hence, enough source of fiber will absolutely be needed.

5. Improve Digestive

The fiber content will work optimum to improve the intestinal bowel movement. Therefore, it can help to improve a better digestive system too.

Additionally, it will lead to a fasten digest and help to avoid further digestive problems. Mainly for those who deal with constipation, it will help to manage a better stomach gas.

6. Fasten Metabolic Rate

Consume the purple potato will help to improve the body metabolism too. It can help to absorb more oxygen level that can help to manage to switch food into energy.

Therefore, it will help to produce a faster metabolic rate and also improve the nutrient absorption. Once the body improves more nutrient, it will lead to a better health and wellness feeling.

7. Add Energy

It also an amazing fact that more health benefits of purple potatoes come from the calories inside the purple potato together with the carbohydrates content.

This is one of the reason potatoes always a side dish for the meal. Additionally, it also increases energy level and improves power for daily activities.

8. Weight Loss

As mention above that the benefits of this potato including to improve digestive and the metabolic system too. Hence, it will work to avoid fat absorption.

This mechanism also benefits to manage the body weight. Additionally, it even able to reduce the weight and suitable for weight loss program.

9. Maintain Cardiovascular

Another advantage to consuming purple potatoes is to bring a healthier cardiovascular system. It can help to balance LDL and HDL level since it contains no cholesterol.

This is good to avoid any blood cod inside the blood arteries. It also good to keep a healthy blood circulation that will lead to avoiding any possibility of stroke symptoms.

10. Avoid Heart Attack

The zero-cholesterol level inside this food will bring a healthier heart condition. Mainly the capability of maintaining the cardiovascular level as mentioned above. Hence, through consuming the potato, it will help to avoid a serious heart attack.

It will keep the heart vessel works properly and bring a good oxygen level to the entire body system.

11. Reduce Blood Pressure

Consume the purple potato is also good to manage the blood pressure level. This is important for those that have hypertension problems.

Through this food, people that experience hypertension will manage to lower down the blood pressure and even can manage to keep it stable.

Therefore, include purple potato as the breakfast menu is a good option for people who consider wanting to keep their healthy habit.

12. Healthy Eyes

Purple potatoes contain some numbers of vitamin A inside it. Hence, no wonder if one of the health benefits of purple potatoes also to improve a healthy eye.

It can help to avoid any eyes inflammation that leads to eye diseases. Additionally, it will support a clear vision and avoid problems with the vision too.

13. Immune Booster

Apparently, purple potato is rich with vitamin C content. It has been known for long that vitamin C is a good way to reach a better immunity.

Vitamin C is one of the immune boosters that will work to avoid any infection from viruses or bacteria. Hence, consume the purple potatoes will manage to avoid sickness and lead to a healthier body.

A good immune system will manage a good body defense against potential diseases.

14. Liver Protection

A study found out that apparently, the purple potato is good to protect the liver and manage a natural body detoxification process.

Therefore, consume this food will help to flush out all the toxin out from the body and keep a healthier liver. The potato also helps to avoid any harmful substances in the liver cells and manage to avoid liver cell damage too.

15. Hormone Balance

Research also has shown that purple potatoes consist of vitamin B6 that good to manage a better hormone secretion. This is an important thing to make sure all the body system run properly.

Additionally, it’s also important to manage with PMS syndrome for the woman. Therefore, consume purple potatoes frequently might lead to help in to balance the hormone.

Side Effects of Purple Potato

There will be no food without effect. Whether less or more, usually every ingredient will have some effects. The same way as the purple potato.

Even it can consider that there are several health benefits of purple potatoes, it doesn’t mean that this ingredient will bring no effect.

Therefore, it’s better to know well the potential impact before consuming the potato below:

  1. People with allergically conditions shall avoid consuming this potato mainly if experience sudden itchiness, redness skin or even worst rash in the skin.
  2. Stop consuming the potato if experience sudden nausea or dizziness after that. It might be that the body is not accepting one of the contents of the purple potato.
  3. Cooking the potato correctly will help to improve and gain the health benefits of purple potato. But fried the potato will risk bringing some diseases to the body. Hence, the way to cook the purple potato also important to determine the benefits.

Those all the health benefits of purple potatoes that might not be considered by many people. Therefore, it’s better to try to consume this potato as one of the alternative meals.

Additionally, never afraid to try a new thing. Just make sure to taste it first and check for any reaction further. If there is nothing happen, then it can consider safe to continue consuming it.

In the other ways, if some allergically symptoms happen, it’s a sign that this potato might not suitable for you. Then, it will be better avoiding the food and consume other meal.