There are plenty health benefits of okra plant consumption which are very useful in keeping your body off from various disease. You can easily find this green colored plant everywhere as a lot of people already knows about the great benefits that they can get from it. Especially since inside this plant there is a lot of nutrients content which can make you become healthier.

Here are several benefits that you can get from consuming okra plant regularly so you can get the best effect from the nutrient content.

1. Okra vs. Diabetes

First health benefits of okra that you can get are very important for you who concern about diabetes. As it’s very important benefits, there are already several studies done to this plant regarding it’s usage on diabetes. Subrahmanyam had done the first study is done to show the effect of okra extract on your blood sugar level. The result is that the extract is able to reduce the level of blood sugar which highly related to diabetes symptoms.

Next study is done by two people from Laxmi college shows that the juice from this plant is able to reduce the level of glucose inside your blood. From both of those studies it’s showed that this okra plant can be used to control your blood sugar level especially for those who are having diabetes in type 2.

2. Okra Regulates Cholesterol

Inside this plant, you will be able to get mucilage, which can bind itself into excessive amount of cholesterol inside your blood. It is also contains bile acid which is able to carry the dangerous toxin that it get from the liver used to filter the toxin then take it out from your body.

As you know the cholesterol is very dangerous substance inside your blood. And if you let it dwell inside your body, then it can lead to various dangerous diseases. A study done in Harvard is able to proof that consuming this okra plant is able to lower the cholesterol level inside your blood. That is why it’s better for you to consume this plant regularly as well as replacing high fat content food by eating more vegetables including this okra plant.

3. Capillaries

As mentioned in previous health benefits of okra, this plant is able to remove cholesterol from your body. That is why it’s also gives very good effect for your capillaries as they will become cleaner without cholesterol that buildup inside. The cholesterol which available inside the blood is actually can clog your capillaries as it will stick itself into the capillaries wall.

This will cause atherosclerosis to happen which can leads into other dangerous diseases. However, if you consume the okra plant then you will be able to make the capillaries condition to be better.

4. Okra Is Good For Your Heart

The capillaries condition as well as cholesterol content inside your blood is actually highly effect the condition of your heart. When the capillaries are clogged by the cholesterol, then this will make your heart works extra hard to pump the blood through all of that cholesterol that blocking its way.

Additionally the blood which contained a lot of cholesterol itself will make the heart work even harder as it’s hard to pump. However, by consuming the okra plant, then the there will be less cholesterol inside your blood, it will also make the capillaries to be free from any buildup by the cholesterol. Inside this okra plant there is also potassium content which is also very beneficial for your heart.

This content is able to make your heart muscle become stronger, thus your heart will be able to work to pump the blood smoothly through the capillaries.

5. Constipation

The health benefits of okra also come from the fiber content which available inside this plant. The fiber is able to absorb more water from your body and it will also increase the bulk in your stool. This will make the stool moves smoothly through the intestine, thus it can prevent constipation from happening. Additionally the mucilage inside this okra plant also provides lubricant for your large intestine.

This makes the fiber inside this plant to be different from the fiber that you get through wheat. The fiber that you get through wheat is harsh, thus it can injure and irritate your digestion tract. However, the fiber from this plant can run smoothly through your digestion tract without causing any damage.

6. IBS

This disease is able to make you experience many kinds of symptoms such as cramp, diarrhea, bloating, as well as pain in your abdominal area. However, you should not have to worry as consuming this plant can actually gives a lot of benefits for you in regards of this disease.

The IBS disease can easily be prevented by consuming this okra plant. You will have better bowel movement which can prevent irritation from happening. That is why it’s better for you to consume this okra plant regularly.

7. Depression

If you are experiencing some depression feeling especially those without any known cause and come suddenly then you can try to treat this problem using health benefits of okra. Inside okra you can find magnesium content in large amount, in a portion of 100 gram of this plant, you can get around 50 mg of magnesium content.

This show that the content is really large compared to other. The magnesium itself can help to calm your nerve as well as making your mind and body feels good. Thus it can help to reduce the depression feeling that you experience.

8. Digestion System

As mention previously, this okra plant contains great amount of fiber. This fiber is very good as it can become the food source for the good bacteria inside your digestion system. There are even several researches done to show the effectiveness of this okra plant for the probiotic bacteria inside your guts. And the result is amazing as this plant can make the probiotic inside your guts to become healthier.

By having healthy probiotic inside your guts, then it can help to fight the growth of damaging pathogen bacteria inside your digestion system. Those pathogen bacterial can make many kinds of problem inside your digestion system which will also affect your overall health.

9. Gastric Ulcer

The health benefits of okra for ayurvedic medication are actually already found since years ago. In this type of medication the okra plant is actually used in neutralizing the level of strong acid that are produced by your gastic system.

However, inside this okra plant you can find various nutrient, fiber as well as phytochemicals that can do great effect for your gastric ulcer. It can change the PH level of the gastric to become alkali. It is also able to gives temporary coating in your digestion system which can protect it from damage.

10. Okra For The Lungs

Inside the okra plant, you will also found various nutrient as well as phytochemical. Those substances can act as antioxidant for your body which can make you become healthier. Additionally, antioxidant is also able to reduce the inflammation inside your body which can also gives various diseases if you left it untreated.

The antioxidant inside the okra plant is especially effective to prevent inflammation from happening inside your lungs. That is why if you are having some concern regarding your lungs health, then you might want to consume this okra plant regularly.

11. Throat

If you are having some difficulties in swallowing your food or even having some infection inside your throat then it’s the time to make use of the health benefits of okra to threat those problems which also includes flu early symptoms.

Inside this plant, you will be able to found antibacterial properties as well as antiseptic properties which are very useful for your health. Those properties will be able to treat those symptoms in your throat and making your throat feels better. Try to make an infused water using okra plant then drink it to reduce the symptoms that you experience.

12. Okra As An Asthma Remedy

As we have known before, inside this okra plant, there is an antioxidant property which is especially effective for lung. The inflammation inside your lung can also cause asthma attack to happen, especially for those who already have this problem in the first place.

However, you can try to use this okra plant as a home remedy to treat the asthma problem. But it’s not only effective in curing the asthma symptoms as it’s also good in preventing asthma attack from happening because of the high vitamin C content inside this plant.

13. Okra Keeps You Cooler

When the summer time comes, you might want to prepare several okra plants in your pantry as the health benefits of okra are very useful during this time of the year. As you know that this okra plant contains mucilage which can be used to treat sunburn as well as heart stroke.

The substance inside this okra plant is able to make your skin become cooling down as well as relaxing it so it can heal itself properly. That is why next summer do not forget to stock up several okra plants so you can use it as natural remedies when you get burned from the sun.

14. Disease

Another benefit of this okra plant that comes from the antioxidant content inside this plant is for disease. As you know the high content of antioxidant is very useful for your body as it can help to remove free radical from within your body. The free radical is the one that can cause disease to develop.

But if you consume okra plant regularly, then it will be able to help in proliferation of cell inside your body that can cause disease to happen. That is why if you have some concern regarding your health, then try to consume okra plant more often.

15. Okra Is Good For Your Eyes

You might be surprised to know that the next health benefits of okra are coming from the vitamin A content inside this plant. Yes, inside this okra plant you can actually find high amount of vitamin A content which is very useful for your eyes health.

The beta carotene inside this plant will work together with lutein and xanthin to make your eyes become healthier. That is why if you are looking for a way to keep your eyes stays healthy, then you can try to take this okra plant as part of your daily diet.

Those are several health benefits of okra that you can get which can make you become healthier and also help to treat several diseases. Not only that, but you can also use this okra plant to even prevent the disease from happening.

You can easily consume okra by putting it inside your salad so you can eat it more often.

Some people love okra (me!) and some hate it. I love it cooked or raw and the slimier the better.

What about you? Let us know whether you love or hate okra in the comments below and if you have any questions or concerns about okra’s health benefits, we’d love to hear about those as well.

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