Actually there are a lot of health benefits of lime water that you can get when you try to drink the juice of this fruit along with warm water. It can help to prevent various diseases to happen. It can also help to treat various symptoms when it happens. Now let us learn about the benefits that you can get by consuming this lime water.

1. Scurvy

Vitamin C deficiency can cause many kinds of problem and one of them is scurvy. In fact, this disease used to be considered as dangerous and fatal in the old days. When someone suffering from this disease then they will get various symptoms. Those symptoms are actually very similar to cold symptoms such as tongue and mouth ulcer, cracked lip, bleeding, swollen, or spongy gum. But you should not have to worry as the health benefits of lime water can help you to prevent this disease from happening. In fact, this fruit used to be given to soldier, sailor, and other worker which exposed in heavy polluted environment such as cement factory, paint shop, furnace, mine, heat treatment shop, and many others.

2. Skin

You should know that this fruit is able to make your skin become healthier as it contains high vitamin C content. By consuming this fruit, then you will be able to prevent infection from happening and also rejuvenate your skin at the same time. This fruit is also able to be use to reduce odor on body because it also contains flavonoids. You can apply the juice directly into your skin for tropical usage, or you can also drink it to absorb the nutrient internally. If you apply the juice into your skin, then the acid will be able to scrub off the dead cell in your skin. it also able to help in treating various skin problems such as bruise, rash, as well as dandruff.

3. Digestion

Even before you consume the lime water, you must feel that your mouth become watery because the digestive saliva that runs in your mouth. Actually that reaction gives health benefits of lime water for you as the saliva can aid your digestion then the acid in this lime water which will also help with the rest of the process. With both of those substances in action, then they will be able to breaking down the food’s macro molecules better. Additionally the flavonoids inside this fruit will be able to stimulate your digestive system so it will increase the secretion of various useful substances for your digestion system such as acid, bile as well as digestive juice.

4. Weight Loss

You might want to consume two glass of this lime juice inside warm water if you want to lose your weight. Citric acid inside this drink will be able to burn your fat. It is filled with antioxidant and it can make you feel refresh throughout the day after you consume it. Thus the antioxidant will be able to get rid of free radical in your body which will make you feel bloated the whole day. But after you consume it, then you will feel refresh enough the whole day so you can do more active work to help you lose weight faster. Try to consume it for at least one week to see the result in your weight.

5. Constipation

You should know that citrus acid inside this fruit really give great health benefits of lime water for you. Especially, since it can aid in clearing your excretory system, as it can wash and cleaning the digestion tract. Thus it’s also able to help prevent constipation from happening. If you are in need of purgative, then you can make it yourself by adding salt into the lime water so you can relieve the constipation without having any side effect.

6. Diabetes

ADA has already assigned the lime as super food especially for those with diabetes. Especially since there are soluble fiber inside this fruit which able to give support to your diet as it can regulate the absorption of sugar into your blood. Thus it will be able to reduce the amount of sugar inside your blood stream which is very critical for those with diabetes. Additionally, this fruit along with many citrus fruits all have low GI thus it will not make your glucose level become rising suddenly.

7. Heart

The soluble fiber inside this fruit also gives other best health benefits of lime water especially for your heart. It is able to lower your blood pressure which very important for your heart to run smoothly. Additionally, it’s also able to get rid of LDL or the bad cholesterol which able to clog your blood vessel. If your blood vessel becomes clogged, then it will be able to create various diseases in your heart. The fiber will also able to help treat inflammation which occurs inside blood vessel. That inflammation is a known cause for various heart diseases such as stokes as well as heart attack.

8. Peptic Ulcer

As you know, inside this fruit there are flavonoids which able to help in detox your body. It also acts as antioxidant to get rid of free radical that can destroy your ulcer. Additionally it also acts as antibiotic to help the healing process of your ulcer. And the anti carcinogenic will help to prevent further peptic ulcer damage in your body.

9. Respiratory

You should know that inside this fruit there is kaempferol content which also often used by many medicines for anti congestive usage because of the health benefits of lime water. With this content, it will be able to help in relieving respiratory problem such as congestion as well as nausea caused by that disease. You can try to take a lime peel then inhale it so you can get the kaempeforol content from it.

10. Arthritis

The arthritis problem happens when there is a lot of uric acid that buildup inside your body. Normally simple urination will be able to get rid the uric acid from your body, but for people with this problem, the amount of uric acid is too much thus it cannot be removed effectively from the body. Then it will make the joins in your body become inflamed which also very painful at the same time. However, consuming lime water can help to reduce the amount of uric acid in your body. Especially because the citric acid inside this fruit is able to help in dissolving the uric acid thus it will be able to be removed easier from your body. Additionally, this citric acid also has anti inflammatory properties which also able to help treating the inflammation that happen because of this problem.

11. Gout

The cause of this problem is actually the same with the previous problem which is the uric acid that build up inside your body. Additionally with the free radical that accumulates inside your body will make the problem become worse. But you should not have to worry as the health benefits of lime water will be able to remove those sources of problem all together. As you remember inside this fruit there is flavonoids which able to detox and removing the uric acid that build up inside your body. Along with vitamin C which act as antioxidant and able to remove the free radical from your body, then you should not get this problem anymore.

12. Cholera

Most of you might think that the cholera disease is no more, however it’s still a big threat in some parts of the world as it’s a deadly disease. However, you can be sure as the citrus acid inside the lime fruit will be able to help in defending your body against the disease. With the disinfectant properties inside this fruit, it will be able to clean water which potentially affected and removing the threat from it. there is already some research done in the effectiveness of this fruit against cholera especially in regard of the large break that happen in 1994 at Guinea Bissau.

13. Urinary Problem

Do not forget that the health benefits of lime water also help with many urinary problems. Especially since there are high amount of potassium inside this fruit which able to remove toxic from inside your kidney as well as the urinary bladder so it will not buildup there and cause various problems. Additionally, there are also disinfectant properties inside this fruit which able to treat infection that happen in the urinary system. It also work to stop the growth of prostate which actually very common to occurs on male that already over 40 and can cause various problems if left untreated. The citric acid inside this lime fruit will also able to clean the blockage inside your urinary tract which usually caused by calcium that buildup there. Thus, if you want to have clean urinary system which free from any urinary problem, then try to consume this drink regularly.

14. Hemorrhoids

This problem is commonly happen in the anal area and can cause a lot of discomfort. If it’s left alone, then it can lead to bleeding especially when excreting. It can even lead to the development of disease. Thus it’s very important for you to prevent the problem from happening and try to treat it as soon as it happens. With consuming the lime water, then you will be able to prevent constipation which often becomes the main cause of this hemorrhoids problem. The vitamin C as well as antioxidant inside this drink will also able to heal any ulcer problem as well as treating wound that occurs in the digestion system. All together those properties can prevent the hemorrhoids problem from happening but you can also use it as treatment to treat it as soon as it happens.

15. Gum

When there is some problems in your gum which can leads to bleeding, it usually because your body is lacking vitamin C and there might be some microbial growth in the gum area. Of course some physical trauma can cause those problems in your gum even though it’s very rare to occur. But the health benefits of lime water can help in prevent and treating the problem at the same time. As you know inside this fruit there are great amount of vitamin C which can prevent the problem in your gum to happen. Additionally the flavonoids inside this fruit are also able to inhibit the microbial growth that can cause more problems in your gum. Meanwhile the potassium inside this fruit will be able to help in healing the wound caused by physical trauma or wound that caused by the gum problem itself. Thus you can also use this fruit to help treating your gum problem.

Those are health benefits of lime water which you should try to get as it’s very useful to prevent various diseases and treat it at the same time.