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You can get great health benefits of eating apple for breakfast which able to make you become healthier as well as preventing various disease from happening. It is very great for you to consume this fruit first time in the morning so there is no other food that mixed with it inside your stomach. By eating this fruit the first time in the morning, then your body will become easier in absorbing the entire nutrient inside your body.

Ways to Eat an Apple for Breakfast

If you want to get the best health benefits of eating apple for breakfast then you should try to eat this fruit along with its peel. Especially because most of the antioxidant as well as fiber are contained inside the peel which already proven by several research studies.

If you are afraid of the pesticide on the peel, then you can try to get most rid of it by washing the apple first before eating it. Then even if there is any the leftover should be in very low level, but usually washing the apple will be able to get rid most of the pesticide on the peel.

There are various ways that you can do if you want to eat this fruit for breakfast. However, eating it only in the original fruit form may become boring after several times. That is why you can actually make various dishes for your breakfast which includes apple as the ingredient. By doing this, then you will be more excited in consuming the fruit daily in different form. Some of the things that you can do when consuming it such as:

  • Making apple juice

To make the apple juice, it’s better for you to find fresh fruit and not purchase processed juice from the supermarket. Blend the juice yourself by including the healthy peel and do not strain it afterwards. Consume the entire cloudy liquid to gain all of the health benefits of eating apple for breakfast.

  • Toast

You can also eat the fruit along with your toast as your morning breakfast. Just slice the apple along with its peel then put it on top of your morning toast. You can also add other layers of ingredients that you like.

  • Yoghurt

To get more benefits from your breakfast, you can also mix the apple with some yoghurt. Just mash the fruit then pour it into your favorite yoghurt to mix. This apple can be a good and healthier flavoring for your plain yoghurt.

1. Heart

Inside the apple, there is phenolic substance which actually also available inside green tea. This substance is the one that give apple’s skin its signature taste. Additionally, there is some research done to this substance which found that it can prevent build up from blocking your blood vessel.

The blocking of blood vessel especially the one located in the heart will cause many cardiovascular related diseases. That is why, you should try to get health benefits of eating apple for breakfast which able to prevent those diseases from happening.

2. Diabetes

Another benefit that you can get by eating the apple for your breakfast is it can lower your risk from getting diabetes. There is a research which done to 187,382 people and those who eat at least three serving of apple every week have 7% less risk in developing diabetes type 2. This is surely a good benefits to have thus you should try to eat at least three serving of apple for breakfast in a week.

3. Energy

The health benefits of eating apple for breakfast come from the type of energy it provides. This fruit does not contain complex carbohydrate, however it contain simple glucose which able to boost your energy intake for the whole day.

Additionally, this fruit also contains mineral as well as vitamin which able to make you feel fresh. Thus besides satisfying your hunger every morning, it’s also able to give you energy for the whole day.

4. Prevent Craving

After you eat apple for your breakfast, you will feel full immediately as this fruit contains great fiber which can make you feel full. Thus by eating this fruit for your breakfast, then you would not crave for other fruit before the time for the next meal.

This is super useful if you want to maintain your weight so you would not gain too much weight from eating too many snacks before the next meal.

5. Cholesterol

There is good dietary fiber inside this fruit which gives great health benefits of eating apple for breakfast. That dietary fiber is soluble one, which able to absorb the cholesterol inside your body and dissolve them.

It is able to take the cholesterol inside your body out thus you will absorb less cholesterol when you eat apple as breakfast. That is why, a lot of people love to consume apple if they are on a diet.

6. Bone

Most people do not know if apple actually contains calcium which is very good for your bone health. Additionally it’s also contains a rare substance called as phloridzin. Based on several researches, this substance is found to be able to prevent some problems on the bone especially for women in post-menopausal phase.

In post-menopausal phase, women will face some problems on the bone caused by hormonal changes. But consuming apple will be able to help preventing those problems. Additionally inside this fruit, there is boron substance which able to make your bone becomes healthier and protects it.

7. Detox

If you want to get the ultimate detox item which really work to get rid the entire toxin inside your body, then you should try to eat apple as detox is included in health benefits of eating apple for breakfast list. Inside this fruit, you can find many substances which work best for detox such as polyphenols, carotenes, as well as flavonoids.

Those substances are able to remove toxin inside the liver which means it’s able to help with the liver function to remove many kinds of toxin in your body. Thus eating this fruit as parts of your detox is recommended to get the best effect for the toxin eliminating process.

8. Nervous System

Sometimes, disease that caused by neural degeneration may happen rather suddenly to some people and it’s very scary thing to happen. Some of those diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer, and many others come with very disturbing symptoms into some people’s life.

However, by eating apple as parts of your breakfast, it’s able to prevent the disease from happening and sometimes it’s also able to reverse side effect that already happen before. That is because this fruit contains antioxidant as well as other nutrient which able to do those things. There are even some researches done to this fruit, which show the good effect of those nutrients to the disease.

9. Blood

Best health benefits of eating apple for breakfast can happen if you eat the fruit in between four to ten in the morning as it can help with controlling the sugar level in your blood as well as lowering cholesterol level.

Additionally it can also help to prevent atherosclerosis from happening which already proven by some research. The reason is because this fruit contains dietary fiber as well as simple glucose instead of those complex carb in different foods which can be absorbed by your body easier.

10. Immunity

Inside the apple, you can find great amount of antioxidant which able to help your body in fighting the free radicals which can cause many kinds of disease. Additionally inside this fruit, you will be able to find many kinds of nutrient and mineral such as vitamin A and C, as well as selenium.

But the best thing is that, there is also a rare substance called as quercetin that is found inside this fruit. This substance is known because it has ability which able promoting your body immunity system especially against pathogens. Additionally this substance is also able to weaken disadvantage immunity reaction that usually caused by allergy reaction.

11. Digestive System

You can get the best health benefits of eating apple for breakfast especially when you are eating it while your stomach is empty. This will allow you to fully absorb the entire nutrient available inside the fruit. And your body does not even need to digest other food inside your digestion system which means your body will be easier to absorb the nutrient.

Additionally inside this fruit there are also malic acid which able to help your digestive system, brain and liver function. This fruit also contains phosphorus which can help to strengthen your stomach as well as keep it clean.

12. Inflammation

Inside this fruit you can find various antioxidants such as polyphenols and pectin. Those antioxidants also have anti inflammation properties which able to be use to prevent as well as treating inflammation especially those who occur internally such as symptoms that happen because of asthma disease.

13. Eyes

Inside this fruit you will be able to find vitamin A which gives enormous health benefits of eating apple for breakfast. This vitamin is able to make your eyes become healthy and prevent anything wrong from happening such as degenerations of the eyes which caused by age or fatigues.

14. Oxidation

Taking apple fruit in the morning time as breakfast is also proven to help the oxidation process that happen inside your body. Especially because inside this fruit there are great amount of nutrient, mineral and water which able to cooling down your body temperature, and getting rid the residual heat that formed inside your body which produced while you are sleeping at night.

Thus by eating this fruit in the morning, it will help to regulate your body temperature so it will be ready to do its function for the whole day.

15. Breast Disease

There are some studies that show the health benefits of eating apple for breakfast on women especially one that is related to the prevention of breast disease. There is some research done by Cornell University which shows the consumption of this fruit at least one every day can help to prevent breast disease.

Especially since there are phenolics substance inside this fruit which able to increase the health of breast and preventing the disease.

Those are several health benefits of eating apple for breakfast which you can get especially when you consume it while your stomach is still empty. Inside this fruit there are a lot of nutrient which able to help your body to do its function and maintain its health.

Additionally, the nutrient is also able to you to prevent many kinds of harmful disease from happening which surely dangerous for your health. That is why it’s good for you to be able to consume this fruit as parts of your breakfast in the morning.