Compilation of green tea with honey has been known for years can help to bring numerous health advantages. Therefore, people believe in the health benefits of drinking green tea and honey keeping this behavior every morning to gain a good advantage from it.

Additionally, both ingredients available widely in many countries. Hence, it’s quite easy to get the ingredients.

For many years too, people find out that green tea mixed with honey apparently can bring advantage not only for the body.

It also works better for a healthy hair and skin. Hence, no wonder if many skin treatment and hair grow product contains essential green tea extract.

For further health benefits of green tea and honey, below are more details explanation.

1. Anti-Oxidant

It has been famous for many years that green tea is one of the best anti-oxidant agents.

Therefore, consume this beverage can help to eliminate the free radical effect that produces naturally from inside the body.

Additionally, it will also avoid the harmful effect of toxin due to the air pollutant.

2. Anti-disease

As the beverages work well as an anti-oxidant, it also can help to work as an anti-disease.

People believe that the anti-oxidant power will lead the drink to avoid further grow of disease cell and help with new cell regeneration.

There is some research that tries to prove with this benefit.

It results that 22% of people that consume this drink will have less risk, plus, men who drink green tea also has 48% lowered risk of getting prostate disease.

3. Good Level of Caffeine

An amazing health benefits of drinking green tea and honey including to stimulate and fire up the brain cell.

This is because of the low caffeine level inside the green tea.

Therefore, it can bring a good benefit to wake you up before doing some daily activities, but not harmful enough compare with those who love to drink two or three cups of coffee in the early morning.

4. Improve Digestive

Green tea rich with fiber to help to improve the intestinal bowel movement.

Additionally, the caffeine content also works to stimulate the digestive system too. Therefore, consume the drink in the early morning will help the rest of the day to bring a good digestive system.

This is also suitable to avoid further digestive diseases such as constipation.

5. Fat Burning

Green tea has been proven can help to improve the body metabolic rate.

Therefore, consume this drink also lead to the fat burning capability. It will increase the oxidation process by up to 17%, which will work to eliminate more fat from the body.

No wonder if this drink also good to manage the weight or even for weight loss.

6. Manage Cholesterol

Another health benefits of drinking green tea and honey are to balance the HDL and LDL level inside the blood.

Hence, it will be a good mechanism to avoid blood cod.

Additionally, it will help to manage a healthy cardiovascular health. Therefore, it can avoid any stroke symptoms or even a heart attack.

7. Improve Breath

The nutrient content inside the green tea and honey is good to kill bacteria and germs.

Through this capability, consume green tea everyday will keep a good breath by avoiding mouth bacteria.

This will lead the mouth and the breath keep fresh along the day.

8. Optimum Brain

People who use to consume this drink will get a better and optimum brain capacity. It can help to optimize mind and thinking.

Therefore, it will help to avoid early signs of dementia. It also a good way to avoid Alzheimer which mostly deal with neuron-degenerative symptoms.

Another gain of this drink which related to the brain including to avoid any signs of Parkinson too.

9. Avoid Diabetes

The surprising health benefits of drinking green tea and honey also to work avoiding any diabetes symptoms.

It has a natural flavor that will avoid increasing the glucose level.

This is why many diabetes patients prefer to consume green tea and honey. This will help to reduce the blood sugar content and works to maintain it too.

Benefits for Hair

10. Avoid Hair Loss

One of the main health benefits of drinking green tea and honey for hair is to help to avoid any hair loss.

The compound inside the drink will work effectively to manage a stronger hair root.

It also will help to manage and reducing stress that comes to frequent hair loss. Therefore, green tea is another natural way keeping healthy hair that not brittle and less dry.

11. Healthy Scalp

Green tea and honey treatment also good to apply to the scalp.

It will effectively work to promote the blood circulation including destroying any scalp bacterial too.

This is how green tea mixed with honey can keep a healthy scalp and prevent any dandruff.

12. Hair Growth

Green tea and honey are a good mixture that contains essential compounds to help stimulate the hair root.

Therefore, it can be a good natural way to manage better hair growth. It can help to strengthen the hair and encourage a better hair follicle.

Benefits for Skin

13. Prevents Early Aging

The anti-oxidant capacity inside the green tea can work to prevents early aging signs. It can work to help eliminate wrinkles and finelines.

Additionally, it will help to bring a younger skin appearance too. No wonder that woman which consume the drink everyday will look better and prettier.

14. Acne Relief

It is an amazing fact that the health benefits of drinking green tea and honey for skin will help to relieve acne.

As the drink also have a good anti-inflammation capacity that can work to soothe the pain and the redness too.

Additionally, it has an anti-bacteria capability which avoids worse inflammation.

Hence, it’s common in skin treatment clinic or industrial to use green tea as an ingredient for acne relief.

15. Healthy Skin

Through applying the green tea to the skin daily, it will manage a smooth and silky skin.

It will also help to maintain the skin cell to keep good and regenerate.

Therefore, it also a way to avoid any skin diseases and manage to provide healthier skin condition.

There is why green tea mask or treatment is mostly used for the woman who wishes for a better skin.

Easy Recipe of Ice Green Tea and Honey

Consuming green tea and honey can be done in a various way. But during the hot sunny day, the best is to serve the drink with an ice! So, if needs a quick recipe of ice green tea and honey, check on below.


  • Water
  • Organic green tea
  • Honey
  • Ice


  • Prepare all the ingredients as necessary.
  • Prepare the green tea in a bowl.
  • Prepare a cold bath towel.
  • Heat some water in a saucepan. When it starts to boiling, immediately turn off the heat.
  • Pour out the heated water over the green tea and close with a lid. Wait up to three minutes until the tea mixture and take out the green tea.
  • Place a bowl of green tea extract above the cold towel and let it naturally cold for a while.
  • Stir the tea carefully to reach faster lowering temperature.
  • When the green tea is warm, put it in a pitcher.
  • Add 1 or 2 tablespoon of honey and stir it will.
  • Pour the mixture into a glass and add some ice.
  • Your ice green tea with honey is ready to serve.

Those all the health benefits of drinking green tea and honey for a healthy body, healthy hair and also healthy skin.

These numerous benefits always lead many people believing in the green tea and honey power in dealing with several health problems.

Therefore, this beverages is a good alternative during the morning breakfast or afternoon snacks.

Hence, if interesting to keep a healthy habit, this beverages shall be your first list menu every day.

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