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There are plenty of health benefits of coriander leaves that you can get which very useful as prevention of disease and for natural treatment method. Additionally, it’s very easy to consume this coriander leaves as you can combine it together with other spices when you make your food. Here are several health benefits that you can get if you consume coriander leaves in your diet.

1. Antibiotic

The first health benefits of coriander leaves that you can get is for the antibiotic effect. Especially when used as treatment for digestive problem for example diarrhea which caused from pathogen thus they need some antibiotic to cure it. The reason is because inside this leaves there are borneol chemicals which can treat various health symptoms such as measles, gastric inflammation, hemorrhoids, flu, dizzy, high level blood pressure, vomit breast inflammation, and even impotence. Additionally, it also contains dodecenal which is antibiotic substance that is very effective to treat gentamisin as well as to eradicate many bacteria in food like salmonella.

2. Antioxidant

There are many studies that are done to prove the effectiveness of the coriander leaves as antioxidant. Inside this leaves, there are antioxidant substance such as chlorogenic acid t as well as caffeic acid which able to fight free radical which causing oxidation on your skin. Thus if you consume this coriander leaves as part of your daily intake, then you will be able to protect your skin from becoming wrinkle because of that free radical.

3. disease

Turns out the health benefits of coriander leaves are also useable for disease. Especially since, there are a lot of antioxidant types inside this leaves which able to prevent disease from happening such as vit E, vit C, caffeic acid, beta carotene, ferulic, kaempferold as well as quercetin. Those substances are especially effective in reducing oxidative stress which can cause disease to happen. Thus if you want to reduce your chances of developing disease, then you might want to consume coriander leaves regularly.

4. Inflammation

Inside the coriander leaves there is one of the most important essential oil which is the cineole. Additionally inside this leaves there is also linoleat acid component. Those two substances are great especially it will work to protect you from several problems such as rheumatism as well as arthritis. This leaves also suitable to be used as treatment for inflammation especially the one that happen in your skin. Inside this leaves also contained atsiri oil which especially useful when used against infection that is caused by bacteria as well as fungi. Because a lot of substance available inside the leaves, it can be use as anti fungi, anti septic, as well as disinfectant. In fact the antioxidant inside this leaves is very powerful thus you can even use it for eczema treatment and other skin problems.

5. Heart

The health benefits of coriander leaves are also useful for those who experience some problem with their heart condition. For you who have hypertension, try to consume this leaves as it can effectively lower your blood pressure. Especially because the cholinergic as well as calcium ion inside this leaves are exceptionally effective in reducing the risk from developing cardiovascular disease which also includes heart attack as well as stroke. The essential oil inside this leaves will also make your heart to function better.

6. Diarrhea

Inside the leaves itself there are several essential oil which able to make your digestion system to perform better such as linalool as well as borneol. They are able to make your stomach to function better. Additionally, you can even use the leaves to cure several digestion system problems such as diarrhea. The reason is because inside the leaves there are useful substance which able to treat the symptoms of diarrhea such as beta phelandrene, cineole, limonene, borneol, as well as alpha pinene. Those substances are known for their anti bacterial properties thus it can cure diarrhea symptoms. You can also consume coriander leaves whenever you feel wanting to vomit or some nausea to ease the symptoms.

7. Cholesterol

The cholesterol is very bad as it can cause many kinds of disease when you do not treat it properly such as heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and many others. Thus if you want to lower the level of cholesterol available inside your blood, then try to consume this coriander leaves. The leaves that contain potassium as well as sodium will be able to effectively lower them as one of the health benefits of coriander leaves. Other types of acid substances which known to effectively lower the level of cholesterol available inside your blood are also available inside this leaves such as linoleat acid, palmitat acid, oleat acid,  askorbat acid, as well as stearat acid. Those substances inside the leaves are able to reduce the buildup of cholesterol inside your vein and artery wall. Additionally, this leaves also able to increase the level of HDL inside your blood that can prevent from getting dangerous cardiovascular disease.

8. Iron

This coriander leaves are also known as a good source for iron which is very useful for many kinds of function in your body. First it’s used to make your bone become healthy. It is also important in the forming of hemoglobin inside your blood as it will be use to carry oxygen for your entire body. That is why if you are lacking on this iron nutrient, then your heart will beats too fast, you will feel huge fatigue, as well as several problems in your respiratory system. It is also important nutrient which able to prevent anemia from happening to you.

9. Eyes

As you know the health benefits of coriander leaves are also very useful for your eyes. Especially, because inside this leaves there are beta carotene substance which actually a form of vit A. The vitamin A is needed to make your eyes become healthier and maintains its condition. Additionally the antioxidant inside the leaves is able to prevent various eyes problems such as cataract and even macular degeneration.

10. Mouth Ulcer

Inside the leaves you can also found citronelol which actually a very effective anti septic. That is why you can effectively use it to treat mouth ulcer as it can make the healing process become faster and it will also make your breath feels fresh afterwards. That might be there reason why you can found the coriander leaves is used as ingredient for toothpaste. In the old days, when there is no toothpaste, the leaves are actually used to remove bad breath.

11. Detoxification

Detox is very important things to do as the heavy metal inside your body can cause many kinds of problems in the future such as autism, dementia as well as infertility. But do not worry as the health benefits of coriander leaves can also be used for detoxification process. This leaves are exceptionally effective when used to remove heavy metals which very dangerous for your body such as aluminum and even mercury.

12. Insomnia

There is a time when you cannot sleep even though you actually do not think about anything and not even stressed during the day. Even though your body is already tired sometimes you still have some trouble to sleep properly. The reason might be because the chemical composition inside your body is unbalance which makes your body cannot function properly. This will make your nerves become stiff thus you will have some trouble to fall asleep. When that happens, you might want to try consuming coriander leaves as inside you can find fitonutrien as well as other substances which able to make the chemical composition inside your body become balance. After the chemical composition inside your body become balanced, then your nerves will become relax thus you can easily fall asleep.

13. Urolithiasis

Other health benefits of coriander leaves that you can get are from the natural diuretic properties that this leaves have. Because of this properties, then consuming this coriander leaves will be able to promote the production of urine. Thus this leaves is also very effective when used to prevent urolithiasis from happening. Additionally this leaves which have detoxification properties will also detox your kidney. This will be able to lower the risk of developing kidney stone in the future. That is why it’s very great for you to consume this coriander leaves regularly.

14. Diabetes

You should know that by consuming coriander leaves, it will be able to trigger your endocrine gland to function. Additionally it will also trigger your pancreas to produce more insulin thus the level of insulin inside your blood will become increased. This insulin will be able to effectively dissolved sugar in your blood thus reducing the sugar level inside your blood. This is exceptionally important process especially for you who are suffering from diabetes so the sugar level inside your blood will become lower by consuming this leaves. Additionally even when you do not suffer from diabetes, but consuming coriander leaves will be able to lower the risk of you getting diabetes disease. It will also able to make your body to metabolize the sugar better. Thus it’s still great for everyone to consume this coriander leaves regularly.

15. Vitamin K

You should know that inside this leaves, you can also find vitamin K which has a lot of health benefits of coriander leaves. If you are lacking this nutrient then your body will not be able to process blood clotting because the thickening process of the blood will be aided by using this vitamin K. thus if you do not get enough vitamin K inside your body, then you will keep on bleeding whenever you are wounded which will be very dangerous for your life.

Those are several health benefits of coriander leaves that you can get and exceptionally useful for treatment and even preventing several disease. Inside this leaves there are a lot of essential oil that you can found which also have various properties useful for your health. You can use this leaves as natural treatment for several symptoms because of the properties contained by this leaves are very powerful to treat various disease. But not only useful as treatment, this leaves is also useful as prevention of those diseases in the first place. That is why it’s best for you to be able to consume this leaves regularly as it’s often used as food. But you should know that some of you might developed allergy after you consume this leaves. Especially those who are often experience allergy from spices thus you will need to be aware whether you get allergy from consuming coriander leaves or not. If you have allergy you will also experience irritation in your skin. Thus try to take it a little to see the effect before consuming it directly.