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The health benefits of celery are known by most of the people. Therefore, this kind of vegetables is common to consume in many countries. Including in Asia where the use of celery is normally to mix with soup and meals.

There are many Asian recipes that include this vegetable as one of the ingredients. Such as chicken soup, healthy salads, marinated fish and many more. The authentic taste and the final aroma resulted from this vegetable can make the dish become more interesting and of course, delicious.

What Is Celery?

For those who are not familiar with celery, it’s one of the green vegetables and grows in many countries. It is one of the families of Apiaceae. Trace back to the origin of this plant, celery might come from Mediterranean and North Africa area.

However, currently, this plant is able to grow in many areas of the various country. Whether in Europe, Asia, and many other countries. Therefore, to cultivate the plant is not difficult. Additionally, it can easily get everywhere.

Nutrient Content

Celery contains numerous nutrients, such as various vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it brings many advantages to the body. In one serving of celery, usually in about 100 g of the portion, can contain nutrient such as:

  • 2 calories
  • 5 g carbohydrates
  • 7 g protein
  • 2 g fat
  • 6 g fiber
  • 6 mg vitamin K
  • 5 mg folate
  • 263 mg potassium
  • 1 mg vitamin C
  • 1 mg manganese
  • 1 mg vitamin B6
  • 4 mg calcium
  • 1 mg riboflavin
  • 1 mg magnesium

Celery Health Benefits

As mention before that celery can help to bring various benefits for the health. Therefore, this vegetable can be a good option to choose for the daily meal. For further health benefits of celery, see below lists of points:

1. Celery Is High In Fiber

high fiber celery for digestive health

The same way as many other vegetables, celery contain a high number of fiber. Therefore, consume celery will provide the number of soluble fiber that needed for the body. Whether for the woman and also the man. It can help to fill in the needs of intake fiber as per daily percentage needs. Additionally, the fiber consists of pectin, gum, and mucilage which can work to absorb enough water into the digestive system.

2. Celery Improve Digestive System

The content of the fiber inside the celery will help to optimize the digestive system. Fiber can help the intestine bowel movement to be more optimized in digesting the food. Including to optimize the peristaltic movements. The absorbed water through the fiber will work to optimize the digestive system in digesting the food and avoid the fat absorption. Additionally, it will optimize nutrient absorption during the digest process. Hence, it will stimulate and lead to a fasten digest.

3. Avoid Digestive Problems

As the celery can help the digestive improvement, it means that celery can help to avoid the possibility of experience digestive problems. This problem including upset stomach, diarrhea and including slowly digest rate. As slow digestion can lead to various problems and diseases. Therefore, by consuming celery, the digestive system will be healthier and work normally without disruption.

4. Improve Metabolic Rate

The number of fiber in the celery will also work to optimize the body metabolic system. It will improve the converting process from food into needed energy. Therefore, consume celery will lead into fasten metabolic rate. The way this vegetable tight up the oxygen can help the improvement of body metabolic process. This will work to stimulate a fasten supply of needed energy for the body activities. Hence, consume celery also good to maintain the energy level along the day. A faster metabolic rate also means more fat to burn. Therefore, it will avoid the formation of fat inside the body.

5. Anti-Oxidant

Another health benefits of celery including to act as an anti-oxidant agent. This agent will work to avoid all the negative effects of the free radical which normally appears inside the environmental pollutant caused. Therefore, consume celery will protect the body from the harmful effects of the pollutant.

6. Celery For Healthy Skin

Celery also can work to protect the skin. The anti-oxidant inside this vegetable work to provide a healthy skin that free from the risk of skin irritation and skin infection. Therefore, it’s a good way to avoid acne and even the possibility of getting eczema.

Additionally, consume this vegetable will help to smooth the skin and avoid the early aging sign due to the UV appearance that comes directly into the skin. This benefit can avoid skin disease, including can help to reduce stretch mark and provide a younger appearance.

7. Body Detoxification

Research showed that a portion of celery every day will work to detox the body and flush out some amount of toxin. Therefore, it will help to clean the body system from dangerous pollution and toxin effects.

Additionally, it will lead to a better body health. This is also the reason why many people start to drink celery juice as one of the alternatives to provide better body detoxification process. The nutrient amount inside the celery can work optimally to balance the body minerals and throw any dangerous toxin from the liver.

8. Maintain Cardiovascular Health

Celery is known with low cholesterol level. Even more, it will balance the HDL and LDL level inside the blood arteries.

Therefore, consume this vegetable every day will lead to a better and healthier cardiovascular system. This can help to optimize the blood circulation and avoid the process of blood cod formation too. Hence, it’s good to avoid stroke symptoms.

9. Avoid Heart Attack

As this vegetable can maintain the cardiovascular health, it also good to manage a healthy blood vessel. Therefore, celery can act to avoid the possibility of getting heart attack symptoms.

Additionally, it will protect the heart and guarantee will perform a healthy heart. The calcium content is good to manage a better heart muscle and the magnesium will lead to a healthy regular heartbeat movement.

10. Avoid Hypertension

celery benefits for high blood pressure

It is believed that celery will help those with high blood pressure problems. The phytochemical agent inside it will work to relax the arteries tissue. Therefore, this kind of vegetable can be an alternative for those who prefer natural treatment to manage the blood pressure level. Mainly for those which having hypertension symptoms.

Regular consume of celery will reduce blood pressure slowly and lead to a better blood tension condition. Hence, it can manage a healthier blood tension level and even manage a better blood flow.

11. Celery For Weight Loss

Most people know that all vegetables are a good natural way for weight loss. The same way as celery that helps to maintain the weight and even can work to reduce the weight. Frequent consume of the celery with the proper portion of exercise can help to reduce the weight faster.

No wonder if this vegetable always combines in a dietary menu for those who are running some diets. The combination of fiber and the minerals in celery can provide an optimum metabolic rate. Therefore, eating celery or drinking celery juice is another way to make sure the body is not getting fat and have stable weight all the time.

In addition, the zero-calorie and no-fat content of celery means consumption won’t result in any body fat.

12. Improve Immune System

Other advantages of consuming the celery including to improve the body immune system. The vitamins and minerals inside the vegetable can benefit to increase body immunity.

Therefore, it can maintain a healthy body and avoid frequent diseases. This is important since a good immune system can keep a person healthier along the year. Rather than those who avoid consuming vegetable. They might frequently get an illness.

13. Prevent Urinary Infection

Celery also believes can work to prevent urinary infection. The vitamins and minerals inside it will protect the body from bacteria or viral infection. Including the possibility of getting a urinary infection that mostly comes from bacteria.

Additionally, it will work to fight the bacteria and produce white blood cells that leads to recovering the body system from infections.

14. Reduce Inflammation

The lutein compound of celery is a good agent to prevent the possibility of getting any inflammation. This mainly happens due to injury and might produce some swollen body parts. By eating celery or drinking celery juice, this risk can be avoided and minimize through normalizing the swollen parts faster.

Therefore, consume celery will work to soothe any inflammation faster and lead to a better healthy condition.

15. Avoid Arthritis

The same way this vegetable avoid inflammation, it also benefits to avoid arthritis. Since this problems commonly appear because of joint inflammation.

Therefore, through avoiding the inflammation possibility, it means the celery can help to remedy arthritis too. Additionally, it can help to bring a fasten relief by stimulating a healthier joint tissue.


Even this vegetables are rich with various benefits. Still there are some side effects that need to be a concern. Therefore, to avoid any unwanted effect, it’s better to consider below recommendation:

  • Avoid consuming the vegetables in too much portion. The fiber content will lead to diarrhea if consume too much. Therefore, consume as necessary.
  • Make sure to wash the vegetables properly to avoid any possibility of bacteria that can be harmful.
  • People with low blood pressure shall not consume this vegetable too much as it can lead to drop blood pressure and cause unconsciousness.
  • Stop consume the celery if there is some appearance of the rash and any allergically symptoms.

The health benefits of celery for the human body are truly nutritious. Additionally, it brings many advantages. However, always consider the portion to consume every day. Therefore, it will help to avoid the unwanted side effects.