CBD oils are oils that is extracted from the cannabidiol (CBD), one out of the hundreds of cannabinoids found inside cannabis. Interestingly, CBD isn’t considered as a narcotic, indeed it has been widely researched due to its wide and varied medical and therapeutical applications. But actually, the true source of huge interest in CBD is its non-psychoactive trait, which makes it possible to effectively and safely treat patients who doubt about the other side effects of other cannabinoid compounds. For your information, non-psychoactive means that it does not trigger the “high” sensation commonly associated with other cannabis products.

So, what are the other facts about CBD oils? And what are the health benefits of CBD oils?

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Like what is written above, CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, one out of hundreds of cannabinoids found within the Cannabis sativa plant, or popularly referred to as the marijuana. According to WebMD, cannabidiol composed 40% of the whole cannabis extracts, the second majority after delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Cannabinol creates antipsychotic effect by preventing the breakdown of chemical inside the brain that affects pain, emotions as well as mental functions. By preventing that chemical, it in return increase its presence inside the blood in order to reduce the likelihood of psychotic outbreaks such as schizophrenia.

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), cannabinol is categorized as a new drug, and dietary supplements containing itself cannot be categorized as such yet.

What are its Health Benefits of CBD Oils?

Here are the 15 main uses and health benefits of CBD oils, as sourced from Healthline and Canabo Medical Clinic.

1. An Alternative to Painkiller

One of cannabis’ classical function is as a painkiller, which it has been used since 2900 BC. The human body produces a special substance known as the endocannabinoid, which are useful to transmit neuro-messages to allow basic bodily functions such as sleep, pain, and immune responses. CBD oils relieve chronic pain by directly impacting the endocannabinoid receptor activity, so that nerve pain and inflammation can be reduced significantly as well. This trait allows CBD oil to cure arthritis as well as multiple sclerosis.

2. Helps Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is a health disturbance that can affect one’s overall health and well-being in a great way. According to World Health Organization (WHO), anxiety is the sixth most common causes of disability. CBD oil is regarded as a better way to reduce anxiety compared to placebo, which was proven after a 2011 experiment that involved 24 subjects with social anxiety disorder to take 600 mg of CBD or placebo before a public speaking test. The result was the CBD-group had less cognitive impairment, less anxiety and discomfort during speech delivery.

3. As an Antidepressant

People often take depression lightly, where in fact it’s also as dangerous to the overall health and well-being. According to WHO, depression is the number 1 cause of disability; which is even worse than anxiety! CBD works as an antidepressant approximately the same way it helps in alleviating anxiety.

4. Prevents disease Side Effects

CBD oils also help to minimize disease related symptoms and side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, pain, and more. CBD is proven to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy better than using the traditional method. This was done after testing 16 disease patients who had undergone chemotherapy and were given a mixture of CBD and THC via mouth spray. The result was, chemotherapy-caused nausea and vomiting were eliminated even better.

5. It also Promotes a Clear Skin in Some Way

Acne is one common obstacle for one to get a bright clean skin. CBD is believed to have a direct effect on getting rid of acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to manage the production of sebum from the skin’s sebaceous glands.

6. It has Neuroprotective Nature

Researches believe that CBD’s ability to benefit those with neurological disorders has got something to do with its large role on the brain’s signaling systems. Despite researches are new and outcomes have been limited for now, CBD has been labeled effectively in treating epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease related symptoms. Test tube and animal studies have also proven CBD’s potentials in progressively halting the growth of Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Wonderful for Maintaining Heart Health

High blood pressure poses risk to other cardiovascular complications, such as stroke and cardiac arrest. Modern researches have also related CBD in positively dealing with cardiovascular health, such as its ability to lower down blood pressure. The same researches also showed that CBD are naturally effective in treating high blood pressure, even better than placebo.

8. It is an Antipsychotic Substance

An antipsychotic drug is used to treat psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia, hallucinations and delusions. Studies show that CBD help people with schizophrenia and other mental disorders by declining their psychotic symptoms and triggers.

9. It Avoids the Risks of Diabetes as Well

Diabetes is a series of diseases which come up as a result of excess glucose or sugar content inside the blood. Diabetes itself is categorized into two types; types 1 and 2. CBD reduce diabetic symptoms by being an anti-inflammatory agent. This outcome was stated after a study involving diabetic mice, in which their exposure to CBD reduced their incidence of diabetes by up to 56%.

10. An Anti-Seizure Agent

Seizures happen when there is a drastic increase in the brain’s electrical activity. Recently, there is a scientific link to how CBD actually possesses anti-seizure properties, in line with popular belief all this time. The New England Journal of Medicine tested the effect of CBD on young adult patients with Dravet syndrome. Dravet syndrome is a rare type of epilepsy that is also occasionally induced with fever. The patients who took part in the test had their seizure frequency reduced by close to 40%.

11. Treats Substance Abuse

Interestingly, CBD has also been proven to alter the neuro-circuits inside the brain that is related to substance abuse. This is concluded after an experiment involving rats, in which rats fed with CBD exhibited indications that it started to reduce morphine dependence as well as heroin-seeking behavior.

12. It is an Anti-Tumor Substance

Through test-tubes as well as animal studies, CBD has demonstrated anti-tumoral talents, in relation to point number 4 above. In addition, it also prevents the spread of prostate, breast, brain, colon plus lung diseases.

13. Treats Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis or MS is a disease in which the body’s immune system eats away the protective layer of the nerves. MS requires extensive diagnosis and it does not guarantee complete recovery. Cannabidiol, an active ingredient of CBD oils protects the nervous system and prevents inflammation in the brain plus spinal cord to further repel our nerves from multiple sclerosis.

14. It Gradually Relieves Nausea

It gradually relieves nausea as part of its anti-disease effects. Nausea, as you can see can be triggered through chemotherapy, radiation therapy, cerebral diseases and more. CBD oils work well to combat neurological side effects of disease, which also include nausea.

15. Works as an Anti-Inflammatory Agent

CBD oils act as an anti-inflammatory agent in various applications, ranging from treating multiple sclerosis (MS), diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and much more.

What are its Side Effects?

Based on information obtained from WebMD, CBD could be safe when consumed orally by adults. The higher the dosage is, the shorter the treatment duration should be. For example, 300 mg of CBD can be taken safely for half a year, whereas higher doses containing 1200-1500 mg can be taken safely at a maximum of 4 months. Since it’s related to marijuana, other side effects that are common in marijuana such as dry mouth, low blood pressure, the slight sensation of “high-ness” and drowsiness are also present in the use of CBD oils.

Those are the 15 health benefits of CBD oils. Despite its wonderful advantages it has on one’s psychological health, keep in mind that the availability of CBD oils in your area is subject to local laws on cannabis products.

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