For thousands of years people have enjoyed drinking buttermilk. It’s extremely nutritious and for many, it was widely available. But does buttermilk have health benefits in 2018 and beyond? If so, what are some of them?

Let’s find out now with a list of the top 15 health benefits of buttermilk!

1. Buttermilk For Digestion

Inside this drink, there is prebiotic compound which can give a lot of health benefits of buttermilk to you. This compound is known for their ability to enhancing the good bacteria growth inside your digestion system as inside the compound there are many good bacteria. B

y having more of those good bacteria inside your tract then they can make your digestion system become healthier. Additionally, they will also able to prevent many kinds of infection that could happen in your digestion system.

Those infections are usually caused by pathogens; for example Helicobacter pylori which can cause various disease such as stomach ulcer. But with the presence of the good bacteria inside your digestion system, they will be able to help your immune system in fighting those harmful pathogens. Then the pathogens are destroyed by the good bacteria and removed from your body so you will not get any problem from it.

2. Immune System

Besides making your digestion system healthier, buttermilk is also able to increase your immune system affectivity. Especially, because buttermilk can actually help you, in fighting the pathogen that enters your body. Inside this drink, you will also get zinc nutrient.

This nutrient when combined with vitamin C is actually able to make your immune system more effective as well as the immune cell to be stronger. Stronger immune system means that it can fight more disease causing compound that enters your body more effectively. Thus you will be able to lower the risk of getting various diseases when you consume buttermilk drink.

3. Skin

Some of you might be surprised when seeing this drink that is actually also used on cosmetic. However, it’s actually understandable as there are plenty of health benefits of buttermilk for skin that you can get. Inside this food item there are a lot of nutrient which are very useful for your skin such as vitamin C, antioxidant as well as protein.

Those nutrients will be able to nourish your skin thus it will appear fairer after you use the buttermilk. Especially, because those nutrients are able help to fight the free radicals that attacking your skin.

The free radicals are able to make your skin appear dull and can also cause premature aging. In the worst case scenario, the free radicals can also cause disease which very dangerous for your health. But do not worry as using buttermilk will help your body immune system in fighting those free radicals.

But you do not even need to purchase cosmetic that contains buttermilk in the ingredient to get those benefits. You can even use fresh buttermilk that you own at home as cleanser or facemask. This fresh buttermilk will also make your skin looked glowing and smooth at the same time.

4. Pregnancy

As you know a pregnant woman will need various nutrients so the baby will grow well during pregnancy period. And buttermilk can be one source of nutrient that you can use while you are pregnant. This food item will be able to give many nutrients which will make you become healthier as well as promoting good development on the baby.

Additionally, the probiotic inside this drink will be able to prevent you from catching various diseases. And most importantly, inside buttermilk you will also find folate nutrient. This nutrient is very important nutrient used in the baby’s organ and brain development during the pregnancy period.

That is why you need to ensure that you get enough of this nutrient during the pregnancy period. You can actually do it very easy because you only need to drink buttermilk one time every day. So drinking buttermilk is actually gives benefits to both the baby as well as the mother at the same time.

5. Upset Stomach

When you feel that your stomach is upset because you ate too much spicy food or other kinds of food that make you feel unwell, then you can actually use the health benefits of buttermilk as the treatment. Inside this drink there are various amino acids as well as proteins which will be able to treat your upset stomach.

Those nutrients will be able to bind themselves into the chemical or other harmful substance inside the food that you consume previously. Those nutrient will also able to protect the lining of your stomach so you would not get any kinds of infection from the food that you consume.

Thus you can try to drink buttermilk whenever you feel upset stomach as a home remedy.

6. Buttermilk For Your Heart

As you know, the heart is very vital organ in your body. That is why; it’s important for you to take care of it so it will stay healthy for a long time. Inside the buttermilk drink there is potassium nutrient which is very essential nutrient needed by your heart.

This nutrient will be able to make your heart become healthier. It is also the nutrient which makes your heart can maintain its normal beat. Additionally, by the presence of this nutrient inside your body, then your heart will be able to maintain the pressure of the blood easier.

7. Bone

Bone is very important structure in your body that you should also maintain. One way that you can do to maintain it’s by consuming enough amount of calcium. You can try to drink buttermilk which actually offers a lot of health benefits of buttermilk for bone. Especially since inside this food item there are great amount of calcium.

This nutrient is able to make your bone become stronger as well as maintaining its good mass. Those two things are actually very important for your bones. If your bone is weak and not having good mass then it will be easier to break. Additionally consuming enough amount of nutrient will also prevent you from getting osteoporosis that can come after you getting older.

8. Cholesterol

Some people that see the buttermilk for the first time and notice its creamy and rich texture, they must think that this food item contains a lot of cholesterol. But on the contrarily, this food item is actually does not contain bad cholesterol. In fact there are already some studies done to buttermilk for consumption.

And the result is quite amazing as buttermilk compound will be able to bind into the cholesterol so it cannot be absorbed and enter your blood vessels. Having too much cholesterol inside your blood vessels is actually very dangerous as it can cause various diseases such as atherosclerosis. That is why; when you consume food that contains too much bad cholesterol, and then try to immediately consume buttermilk.

Thus, buttermilk will be able to balance the cholesterol level inside your body and prevent the absorption of that bad cholesterol.

9. Rehydration

When you feel dehydrated, then it’s important for you to drink something that can rehydrate you as well as giving you a lot of nutrient at the same time. And that is what the health benefits of buttermilk offer to you. As you can see, this drink also consists of some liquid thus it can also be used to rehydrate your body.

Additionally, there are a lot of nutrient inside this drink which can fulfill your need at the same time. Usually when people are dehydrated, then their body will also become weak as they do not get enough nutrient. But consuming this drink will offer both rehydration as well as nutrient at the same time.

Thus you may try to consume this drink on very hot day or after you working out to rehydrate and giving your body the nutrient that it need. More importantly, this drink is very safe as it will not cause allergic reaction or any other digestion problem after you consume it while being dehydrated.

10. Metabolism

For your body to create energy, then your body will do metabolism process. However, to do this process, your body actually needs the presence of metabolic enzymes. This enzyme can be created using several nutrients for example various vitamin Bs as those are the component of the enzyme.

If you do not get enough of those nutrients, then your body cannot create enough amount of energy that your body needed. That is why; it’s very important for you to be able to fulfill those nutrients need which will be use to create the metabolic enzymes. Inside buttermilk drink you can found several nutrients that are needed by your body to create the metabolic enzymes.

Thus you may want to consume this drink regularly, so your metabolism process will be done correctly. Consuming this drink will also boost your energy as buttermilk as contains protein which will be metabolized to create the energy.

11. Insomnia

If you experience some trouble sleeping, sleep disorder, sleep deprivation or insomnia, then you surely need these next health benefits of buttermilk that we will tell you. You should know that inside buttermilk drink there is magnesium substance which needed by your body.

This nutrient is actually used in the control process of your nervous system. It is also able to relax as well as soothe the nervous system inside your brain, thus you will get sleepy. That is why; this nutrient will be able to treat various sleeping disorder that you experience.

So if you feel any trouble sleeping, then try to drink buttermilk before you go to bed. It will be able to help you treating insomnia that you experience,

12. Eyes

As you know, it’s very important for you to maintain your eyes so you would not get any trouble in your eyes later on. To do it, you need to consume enough amount of vitamin A in your daily diet. One food item that you can use to fulfill your vitamin A need is buttermilk.

Especially since inside this drink you can find good amount of vitamin A which needed by your eyes. Vitamin A is not only needed to make your eyes become healthier, but it’s also able to nourish it. Thus you will lower your risk of developing several eyes problem such as macular degeneration which may come from aging.

13. Anemia

Anemia is a disease that you will experience when your body does not have enough hemoglobin in the blood. The hemoglobin itself can only be created if your body gets enough iron nutrients. That is why one of the most important health benefits of buttermilk that you can get comes from the iron nutrient inside this drink.

Especially since inside this drink contains great amount of iron nutrient which can help you to fulfill your daily iron need. That iron will then be used by your body to create the hemoglobin for your red blood.

Then the hemoglobin will be used to delivery oxygen throughout your whole body. Thus you would not experience anemia anymore after you consume buttermilk drink.

14. Disease

Inside buttermilk drink, you can actually find several compounds which are very useful to prevent disease from happening. As you know, the disease is very deadly disease which caused by various things.

One of them is the free radicals which can attack your body’s healthy cell and turn it into disease cell. But inside the buttermilk there is antioxidant compound which able to fight those free radicals so they will not attack your body’s healthy cell.

Additionally the buttermilk drinks also known for its anti inflammatory properties. With this properties then it can help to reduce the inflammation inside your body. You should know that the inflammation especially one that occurs inside your body is one of the main cause of disease.

That is why it’s very important to treat and cure the inflammation as soon as possible before it’s developed into disease. Drinking the buttermilk drink will be able to help you in treating those internal inflammations so it will not developed into disease. Thus when you drink the buttermilk then you will be able to reduce the disease risk.

15. Hair

Actually, you also need to take care of your hair. Especially when your hair is heavily damaged because of constant heat that comes from the usage of hair iron or hair dryer. Bleaching as well as coloring your hair will also damage them so it will be easier to break and fall as the structure is damaged. That is why it’s important for you to give some treatment which able to make your hair become healthier once again.

The health benefits of buttermilk are also useful for your hair. Actually, this food item is filled with many kinds of nutrient. Those nutrients can nourish as well as moisturizing your hair. That is why; you can try to use buttermilk as a hair mask after you wash your hair. Just apply good amount of buttermilk into your hair and spread it evenly so the buttermilk will cover your entire hair. Wait for around 30 minutes until all of the nutrients are absorbed by your hair. Then you can rinse to clean it.

Buttermilk will be able to make your hair become smooth and glowing. Do this treatment regularly to make your hair become healthier, especially if you have heavy damaged hair.

Those are several health benefits of buttermilk that you can get which not only useful for your inner body but also for your skin and hair.