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There are plenty health benefits of bamboo leaves that you can get when you consume this food item as it contains various nutrients inside. The bamboo plant itself can easily be found on tropical country. This plant is also considered to have multifunction. The tree itself is often used to create furniture since long time ago. It is also often used on various craft from all over the world as the plant itself is very beautiful. Not to mention, the quality that it give to the furniture and craft that make it highly valuable.

Bamboo Consumption and Usage as Herbal Medicine

But turns out, you can also consume this plant as part of your diet. The bamboo shoot has been eaten by people since long time ago. Not only it’s delicious but it’s also highly nutritious. Then there is the bamboo leaves that we will discuss further here. This bamboo leaves has long been considered to have medical usage. That is why you can find various herbal medicines that uses bamboo leaves as the ingredient. Not to mention that the bamboo leaves are very abundant and can easily be harvest.

So when people are creating furniture of craft using the tree then they will not throw the bamboo leaves. Instead they will keep the bamboo leaves for consumption as it’s very good to be used as herbal medicine. There are various ways that you can do to consume the bamboo leaves. The easiest way that you can use is by making tea using the bamboo leaves. Just take several bamboo leaves, and then boil it in hot water. You can also try to combine other things inside your tea such as lemon, honey, mint, lime and many others. This will not only make the tea taste good but also make the effect of bamboo leaves become more effective.

Now if you are curious on the health benefits of bamboo leaves that you can get when you consume this unique plant part. Do not worry as we already gather all information here. After you read it, then you will be interested in consuming the bamboo leaves yourself. Of course, we do not suggest excessive consumption. Instead try to consume it in moderate amount regularly so you can get the best effect from this bamboo leaves.

1. Body Heat

Health benefits of bamboo leaves are actually very useful to treat body heat. A lot of people experience body heat which caused by many things such as lifestyle or stress. It can happen to various organs in your body such as heart, lung and stomach. Of course, it will also affect the function of those organs. So it’s better to treat it as soon as possible to not lead further damage. If you want to use natural way to deal with the heat, then you can try to drink bamboo leaves tea. It is able to remove the heat from your body as well as promoting urination at the same time. That is why sometimes this method is also used to treat urinary dysfunction that actually an early sign of depression.

2. Respiratory

If you have any respiratory problem, you may want to use the tea made from bamboo leaves to treat it. As you know, respiratory problem is quite painful to bear by the person who gets this disease. That is why it need to be relieve as soon as possible especially it will become bigger problem later on. Bamboo leaves tea which filled with complete nutrients is able to relieve your respiratory problem. You can try to add honey into this tea to increase the affectivity. As you know, the honey has many good properties which make it able to heal your respiratory problem quicker.

3. Cholesterol

If you are worried about your blood cholesterol level, then you will also able to make use of the health benefits of bamboo leaves. By drinking this leaves tea, you will be able to lower the amount of cholesterol absorbed by your body. This leaves tea will also promote feces volume. Thus the cholesterol that you consume from your food will not be absorbed by your body but it will be thrown away along with your feces. Do not forget that you can also eat the bamboo shoot which actually has very delicious taste. You can create various dishes with this bamboo shoot as it’s very versatile ingredient. This bamboo shoot will also help you to control your cholesterol by adding more fiber into your food. The fiber will be able to absorbed the cholesterol and throw it along with the feces.

4. Fertility in Male

If there are some people who are facing some problem with their fertility, especially in male, then you can try to give them this bamboo leaves drink. Inside this drink, there is ethanolic substance which actually very effective in increasing fertility in males. In will be able to increase the function and fertility in males thus it’s very important to have this drink for those who are facing this problem.

5. Thyroid

Other health benefits of bamboo leaves can be use for the thyroid function. If you are consuming this leaves then it’s actually able to affect the thyroid hormone inside your body. It will be able to affect the thyroxine as well as triiodothyronine hormones which control your thyroid function so it can perform better. It will also able to control the neuronal migration on cortical cerebral in the fetal brain period.

6. Tumor

For those who are having some problem with the growth of tumor, then you might want to try using bamboo leaves to treat this problem. This leaves actually has anti tumor properties which is very effective to be used on tumor cells. It will be able to reduce the growth of the tumor cell inside the body especially since it can promote immunopotentiation so your body immune system can be increased to fight the tumor cell.

7. Sugar

If the amount of sugar inside your blood is too high, then it will become very dangerous for your health. It can leads to various disease including diabetes. This is why; you need to use health benefits of bamboo leaves to cope with this problem. This bamboo leaves has properties which able to lower the level of blood sugar inside your body as well as balancing it. Additionally there are great amount of fiber inside this bamboo leaves which able to balance the amount of sugar inside your blood. There are even some studies which used to proof the effectiveness of this bamboo leave on balancing the sugar level of your blood. In addition, the leaves are also proven to be good for detoxification purpose. Thus if you consume the bamboo leaves regularly, then you will be able to prevent various disease especially the diabetes from happening.

8. Free Radical

The free radical is very dangerous compound for your body. Not only it’s able to damage your entire body, but the effect cannot be seen directly. Usually, you only able to see the effect when there are already some disease coming into your body. Yes, this compound is actually known to cause various diseases such as premature aging in skin, disease, and many others. The free radicals can also come from various things. For example the food that you eat, especially junk food which not only contained toxin but also other dangerous substance. Next you can also get free radicals from your environment especially those that are filled with pollution. As it’s quite easy for your body to get this dangerous compound, then it’s very important for you to get rid of it. Before it’s able to damaged your body and create various disease.

You can try to use the health benefits of bamboo leaves to do this easily. Especially since inside this leaves there are great amount of antioxidant. This antioxidant is actually able to fight the free radical that tries to damage your body. Additionally, inside this leaves, you can also found various vitamin as well as minerals which able to prevent the free radical damage on your body cell. You can try to drink tea made using the bamboo leaves daily to maximize the effect.

9. Balance

Another great thing that you can get from the bamboo leaves drink is that it can balance your body. Additionally, this drink is very safe to drink daily as it does not contained any caffeine that you often found on other drink such as tea or coffee. You can also combine this drink with other things such as mint or lemon. By combining them together then you will make the drink has better aroma. As you know the lemon as well as mint has very refreshing taste and aroma. That way, when you drink them together then this bamboo leaves will not only balance your body but also able to balance your soul and mind at the same time.

10. Hair and Nail

There are many health benefits of bamboo leaves which can give you best benefits. Some of them can be used for your hair and nail. Especially since inside this bamboo leaves, there is silica compound which is very good for your hair and nail. Not only it can make your hair and nail become healthier, but even promote the growth of your hair and nail. It will also make your hair and nail become stronger as it can strengthen the cell of your hair and nail. In fact the silica compound is actually even better than any supplement that you often consume. Additionally this compound is actually give good benefit for your bone as it can strengthen it. So it can prevent any damage to happen into your bone. It is also able to promote your dental health. That is why it’s better if your drink this bamboo leaves regularly to gain the benefit.

11. Digestion

Inside the bamboo leaves there are great amount of fiber which is very good for your health. This fiber will be able to help your digestion system to get better. It will help your digestion system to work in digesting your food as well as throwing out toxin inside your body. It is also able to give more bulk into your stool so you would not get constipation. That is why if you have some problem in your digestion system, try to consume this bamboo leaves as it can help to relieve your problem. Additionally, it’s also able to be used to treat most stomach problem that you face.

12. Asthma

When people are having asthma symptom, then they usually have inflammation in their respiratory system. This is where the health benefits of bamboo leaves become useful for you. Inside this bamboo leaves, there are anti inflammatory properties which is very useful for treating the inflammation caused by the asthma symptom. Thus if you are experiencing asthma symptom then try to consume this bamboo leaves as soon as possible to treat the symptoms.

13. Birth Defect

There are various birth defects that can happen because of many things. Especially the pregnancy period is very important period in baby’s development. That is why it’s very important to ensure that there is no any defect that can happen to the fetus inside the mother’s womb. You might want to consume the bamboo leaves especially during the fetal brain period. The bamboo leaves has ability which able to prevent the maternal hypothyroxinema to happen so the neuronal migration on cortical cerebral in the fetal brain period can be controlled perfectly. It is very important to control the activity during this period as it can cause autism otherwise. Additionally consuming this bamboo leaves are also able to strengthen the neuronal cells of the baby. Thus it’s recommended to consume this bamboo leaves so the birth defect can be prevented.  However, do not consume this bamboo leaves too much as it also have abortifacient effect. Thus it can only be consumed in controlled dose; you can contact your doctor before starting the consumption.

14. Skin

If you experience various skin problems especially those which are caused by bacteria, then you might want to use health benefits of bamboo leaves to cope with these problems. The reason is because the bamboo leaves has anti bacterial properties which is especially effective when used against staphylococcus aureus bacteria. These bacteria usually become the cause of various problems such as comedo, acne, allergies as well as cellulitis. You can try to create extract of bamboo leaves, by boiling the leaves then apply the extract into your skin. You can also try to drink the bamboo leaves tea to make the healing process more effective.

15. NMDA

The best health benefits of bamboo leaves that you can get are for the properties which can protect you from NMDA. During the study, this bamboo leaves are actually able to prevent the growth of cell within cortical neuron which is primary cultured as well as on the anti-plasmin. It is determined by using FDPs assay. Thus the protective effect of this bamboo leaves is already researched beforehand.

Those are several health benefits of bamboo leaves that you can get when you consume the extract of the leaves or consuming the leaves itself. Inside this bamboo leaves there are many kinds of nutrient that you can get, thus you might want consume this leaves regularly to get the benefit. Not only it’s good as treatment for various problems, but it’s also able to make you become healthier. It is also able to promote the balance of your body. Not only on your body temperature, but is also on the overall function. This is why; consuming this bamboo leaves are suggested.