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Actually, there is a lot of health benefit of chrysanthemum tea that you can get especially if you consume this flower tea regularly. Additionally, this tea drink can be consumed anytime of the day as it can make you feel calm because of the aromatherapy effect that it has. But besides the aromatherapy effect that this tea drink has, turns out there are plenty other health benefits that you can get. Especially since inside this tea there are a lot of good nutrient content which are very useful for your health. Here we already list several health benefits that you can get when you try to consume this chrysanthemum tea as a healthy drink or as a casual tea drink that you can take anytime you want.

1. Vitamin C

First health benefit of chrysanthemum tea that you can get is the fact there are a good amount of vitamin C inside this plant. This vitamin is very important nutrient for your body as it can make you become healthier. It is able to prevent many kinds of disease which caused from infection, virus or bacteria interaction. Additionally, you need to fulfill your daily need for this vitamin C. and you can easily drink a cup of this tea as one of the way for you to

2. Vitamin B

Turns out beside that first vitamin, this tea drink is also contained other variation of vitamin which is the B vitamin. Additionally there are several types of nutrient which can be categorized as B vitamin such as niacin, riboflavin, folacin, as well as choline. These nutrients are very important for your body as they are needed for many functions inside your body so it can perform well. That is why if you want to be able to fulfill your daily need, then you can try to drink this tea to do it.

3. Eyes

Next health benefit of chrysanthemum tea that you can get is for your eyes. You should know that inside this drink there are great amount of beta carotene which is an inactive form of vitamin A. When you consume it, then your body will turn this nutrient into vitamin A which has very good benefits for your eyes health. Besides making your eyes healthier, the vitamin A content inside this tea is also able to be used as treatment whenever you experience some problem in your eyes such as itchy eyes, red eyes, as well as dry eyes. You can drink this tea to relieve those problems.

4. Bone

Inside this chrysanthemum tea there are also plenty amount of calcium content which is very useful for your bone. With this nutrient, your bone will become stronger and increasing its density. It is very important for you to consume calcium as it can make your bone healthier. By having healthy bone, then you will be able to prevent other bone problem which also includes osteoporosis.

5. Magnesium

You can get a lot of health benefit of chrysanthemum tea from the magnesium content available inside this drink. This nutrient is very important for the functionality of your body as it’s needed to regulate your body temperature. Additionally, it’s also able to reduce your body’s fatigue so you can feel refresh after you drink this tea. It is also able to reduce insomnia effect, so you can try to drink this tea whenever you have trouble sleeping.

6. Blood

Inside this drink there are good amount of iron which is very important nutrient for your blood. This nutrient is needed in the formation of hemoglobin inside your red blood. This hemoglobin job is to bring oxygen inside your body so the entire cell can get oxygen supply. If you lack this nutrient then you will feel fatigue or even gain anemia because the lack of red blood cell supply. That is why if you feel the need to add more iron food into your diet, then you can add this drink into the list as it’s also contain iron nutrient that you need.

7. Potassium

Potassium is another important nutrient for your body that can give you a lot of health benefit of chrysanthemum tea. First of all, it’s very useful for the muscle building so it can work well. Thus if you want to be able to build your muscle easier, then it’s important for you to consume potassium rich food and drink. Additionally this nutrient is also able to make your blood pressure become more stabile. It is also able to help in cardiovascular area so it can function well.

8. Antioxidant

As this tea is created from flowers, you will also able to find a lot of antioxidant inside this drink in the form of flavonoid. This antioxidant is very crucial nutrient which help your body to stay healthy by getting rid negative effect of free radical. The free radical has become one of the causes of many dangerous diseases including disease which the exact cause is still unknown besides from this free radical reaction. Thus if you want to prevent those disease and make your body healthier, then you should try to consume plenty of antioxidant rich drink such as chrysanthemum tea.

9. Caffeine

One problem that people facing whenever they consume many tea drinks is from the caffeine content inside the drink. However, you should know that inside the chrysanthemum tea there is no caffeine content at all, so you can drink it whenever you want. Even though this might not give a lot of health benefit of chrysanthemum tea, but it’s good to know so then you can still drink it before you go to sleep. As you know the caffeine often make people have trouble sleeping. It is so contrast with chrysanthemum as it does not contained caffeine so it will not make you have trouble sleeping. In fact it can even reduce your insomnia effect problem so it’s even better to drink it right before you going to sleep.

10. Inflammation

This chrysanthemum tea also has anti inflammatory properties which is very good for your body. Inflammation usually occurs whenever there is some irritation or infection but by consuming this tea drink, you will be able to reduce the effect especially those internal inflammation that you cannot treat externally. Additionally, inflammation can leads to plenty more problems when it’s not treated properly. But by consuming this chrysanthemum tea you will be able to easily reduce the effect so there is no further problem that can comes out from the inflammation itself.

11. Antibiotic

Besides the previous properties, you can get the best health benefit of chrysanthemum tea from the antibiotic properties that this tea drink has. This antibiotic is very useful especially when used on certain bacteria types such as staphylococcus as well as streptococcus. Thus if you have some problems which caused by those bacteria, you can try to give natural treatment to your problem by drinking this chrysanthemum tea.

12. Immune System

Because there are plenty of nutrients inside this chrysanthemum tea, then those nutrients are able to make your immune system to be stronger. Additionally because there are vitamin C as well as antioxidant which able to help your body in fighting the free radical that enters your body, then your immune system will become more effective in fighting that disease causing substance. It is another reason that you can use so you can consume more of this tea drink.

13. Detox

As the nutrient inside this chrysanthemum drink is able to fight the free radical, it’s also able to detox your body as one of the best health benefit of chrysanthemum tea. This drink will be able to take out all of the toxic substance inside your body and get rid of it so it will not cause any problem. Those toxics are very dangerous for your body as it can cause plenty of dangerous disease. But by drinking this tea flower, then you will be able to get healthier body free from dangerous toxin.

14. Heart

Another benefit that you can get from drinking this flower tea is that this drink will be able to make your heart become healthier. There are even some studies done to this tea in the correlation with heart problem. The result is amazing as by consuming this tea drink regularly, it’s able to lower the cholesterol level inside your blood. It is also able to lower your heart pressure which can become the main cause of many heart problems. Do not forget that this tea drink also contained potassium which able to prevent problem related to cardiovascular area which very dangerous for your heart such as stroke and even heart attack.

15. Respiratory

This last health benefit of chrysanthemum tea might be the most popular one as a lot of people already know that you can use this tea drink to treat problem in your respiratory system. This benefit is already being used since a long time ago, that is why you can find this tea drink in the list of herbal treatment for many respiratory problems. You can easily drink the chrysanthemum tea whenever you have some problem in the respiratory area to relieve it. Additionally drinking this flower tea when you do not even have the problem can also help in making your lungs to be stronger and healthier. So it’s also advisable to drink this chrysanthemum tea even when you do not have any respiratory problems.

Those are the health benefit of chrysanthemum tea that you can get whenever you consume this flower tea drink. As inside this drink there are plenty of nutrient, then drinking this flower tea will be able to make you become healthier. Additionally, you can even fulfill a lot of essential nutrient just by consuming this tea drink as part of your diet. Not only to make you become healthier, this chrysanthemum tea is also known to be use as herbal drink as this tea drink can treat various disease. So you might want to always have this tea in your kitchen so you can use it as the first help to treat several disease symptoms.

However, you should remember that this drink is created from flower, which means it also has allergy effect to some people. Especially for you who already get some allergy effect from daisy or ragweed. But do not worry as the allergy effect is usually very mild ranging from itchiness in your throat or eyes. When this happen, just stops your consumption and takes your allergy medicine immediately to remove the side effect. But if you never have any allergic reaction from drinking this flower tea, then it’s alright to consume it regularly as it will give you a lot of benefits.