You might want to know what the benefits alpha lipoic acid is, especially for your health since it has been raved about by a lot of people all this time. Actually the substance that goes with the name ALA is already available in inside all of your body cell in small amount. However, since the substance is really important, then a lot of people often take it in the form of supplement.

The supplement is containing compound with disulphide inside which forming ALA. There are various functions that this substance has, which then gives various benefits for your body’s health. That is why the supplement sometimes even used professionally by medical practitioner because of the beneficial effect that is needed by your body. Here are some of the benefits that you can gain from consuming it.

15 Benefits Alpha Lipoic Acid

1. Antioxidant


The first benefits alpha lipoic acid that you can get is that this ALA work best as antioxidant for your body for both inside as well as outside of your cells. Additionally ALA can fight some reactive oxygen which can destroy your body. It is also able to help in generating the antioxidant that is water as well as fat soluble for example vitamin E as well as vitamin E.

The antioxidant is very important for your body in fighting dangerous oxygen since it can destroy your body cells. This and those are believed to be one of the main cause of several dangerous diseases such as diseases. Thus it’s important for your body to have enough antioxidant to fight the dangerous substance so your body can be protected from its dangerous effect.

2. Weight Lost

If you are struggling to lose your weight even though you already limit your calorie intake, then you might want to try adding some of this ALA into your diet. This supplement will be able to help you in losing the weight faster. Especially; since it can help in metabolizing the fat as well as glucose inside your body. That way, more of the fats as well as sugar that you consume will then be burned to become energy and not just stored in your body as fat which will make you gain more weight as the result.

If you add the ALA into your diet regularly, you can even see the significant change that it can give to you especially on the waist circumference reduction. The main thing that this substance can do is to inhibit your body production for chemerin which is why it can help in weight lost problem. The chemerin itself is actually molecule which often associated along with several weight lose problem

3. Muscle Generation

When you want to lose weight, then surely you have to exercise so you can burn all of those fats that are stored inside your body. But then again exercising can damage your muscle in the process. Nothing to worry about since it’s the normal process that everyone needs to go through. Since your muscle will be generate and become stronger through this process. But of course, you would want the process to be faster so you can recover faster. This is where ALA can help you since the benefits alpha lipoic acid will help to speed up the regeneration of the damaged muscle.

4. Decrease Inflammation

The inflammation that happens inside your body may give a lot of problem for you in the future. In fact, it can even contribute in several diseases to happen such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer, and diabetes. However, you should not have to worry as this supplement can help you in decreasing the inflammation in your body so it would not turn into those diseases. Especially since ALA is known to have anti inflammatory as the properties, which able to help in alleviate the effect even when the inflammation is already severe.

5. Diabetes


If you have diabetes, or even when you have higher risk to develop diabetes, then you might want to try using the benefits alpha lipoic acid. This supplement will be able to help you in treating the diabetes that already happen and even prevent it if it has not happen but you have high risk in developing one. This substance has activity that can mimic the insulin effect, thus the handling of glucose in the body will become better. It is shown that the blood glucose level can be decreased by the consumption of this supplement as well as improving the insulin sensitivity which needed to control it.

6. Complication

For those who already have diabetes, they are more prone to get some complication especially those caused by oxidative stress. That is because the free radicals create some imbalanced with the antioxidant. The oxidative stress can create some damage which becomes the main role on the development of diseases associated with diabetes. But ALA can overcome this problem as it can be used as antioxidant, thus it will be able to manage all of the complication which often accompanied diabetes such as vascular diseases, neuropathy, as well as retinopathy.

7. Neuropathy

Sometimes diabetic patient will also get neuropathy diseases which is a damage on the nerves which caused by the high level of sugar in blood which experienced by this kind of patient. But benefits alpha lipoic acid is known to be able to treat this problem as it can improve the microcirculation and increasing the insulin sensitivity. Thus it’s also used to treat neuropathy diabetic in Europe region which own the license. There are some research which show that this supplement is able to improve the symptoms that caused by nerved damage such as burning pain, sleep numbness, stabbing pain, as well as prickling sensation. This supplement can also reduce the glucose level inside the blood as well as improving the motor nerve function.

8. Cardiovascular Complication

If people experience some problem with glucose metabolism, then they might also have some damage in their blood vessel. Then the function of the blood vessel will be damaged. However; this ALA is able to improve the function of the blood vessel, since it can help to decrease the free radical that caused by harmful oxygen type. Additionally it can also improve the function of the left ventricular in your heart which is to pump your blood pump your blood to flow throughout your body. That way it will be able to prevent the damage to happen to your heart muscle or called as cardiomyopathy.

9. Metabolic syndrome

There are various metabolic syndromes that can occur such as insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and overweight. But the best benefits alpha lipoic acid is to be able to treat those syndromes and reduce the effect significantly. Especially since it can improve the cells on the blood vessels thus it will reduce the inflammatory marker process which will then treat the syndrome.

10. Hypertension


It is a common problem that many people experience especially if they have some problem in the blood vessel. However, it’s all can be reduced by using the ALA supplement as it’s can help to treat the inflammation of the cytokines which happen in the blood and cause this problem. Thus it can also help to prevent the blood pressure to increase which will eventually prevent the problem all together. This substance is also able to prevent the pathological change which possibly happens in the cell of the blood vessel thus it will then make the blood pressure become normal.

11. Atherosclerosis

The next benefits alpha lipoic acid is to be able to prevent the hardening of your arteries which can leads to atherosclerosis as well as treating the symptoms that happen because of this disease. The blood vessel function as well as its structure will be repaired by the ALA. This substance is also has ability to reducing the blood clothing process inside the pathway as well as reducing inflammation which can cause this disease. ALA can also increase the process of widening the blood vessel which will then prevent the disease to happen.

12. Brain

The braid is the center of all things in your body, which is why; it’s important for you to protect its function and condition. The things that you can do to protect it are by using the benefit that the ALA has. This supplement is able to promote the regeneration of the neuron which then can fight the neurodegenerative type disease. Additionally it can promote the recovery of related disease especially in long term. This is why; the supplement has significant effect especially for the restoration of neuron in your brain.

13. Alzheimer

Alzheimer especially the pathology is long related to the high level of cholesterol as well as oxidative stress including inflammation as some of the cause. To help in preventing all of those things that can cause this disease, then you can try to use the benefits alpha lipoic acid which can prevent all of those things that can cause Alzheimer. Additionally, it can also treat the disease by stabilizing the function of the cognitive. It will also help in reducing the development of the disease so it would not become worse.

14. AAPDs

For people who are consuming AAPDs, they will often experience some side effect for example weight gain along with other type of metabolism disturbance that occurs as the side effect. That is why to prevent these side effects to occur, and then the patient that is consuming AAPDs is often given ALA supplement. Especially since this supplement is able to reduce the BMI as well as the overall cholesterol level that occurs for those patients.

15. Multiple Sclerosis


This disease has become very common these days especially since it’s caused by inflammatory that happen quite easily. However, even though the cause itself is very common to get, but the treatment is actually quite difficult. But do not worry because the benefits alpha lipoic acid can actually help in treating the effect of this problem. The anti inflammatory that the ALA supplement has as the properties will help in treating the inflammation that causing this problem. Additionally with the improvement of antioxidant by this supplement, then the problem can be treated easier.

As you can see, there are various benefits that you can get when you consuming the supplement that contains ALA. Of course, the consumption should be done regularly in order for these benefits to be effective for you. The ALA is beneficial mostly for your internal body and cells since it has anti inflammatory as the properties. This properties is really helpful in treating various diseases and even preventing them from ever occur. That is the reason why; the supplement is used by many people and even prescribes by medical practitioner. Now you can try to get the benefits alpha lipoic acid by adding this supplement into your diet.

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