Actually, there are plenty health benefits of jamun fruit that you can get as this fruit contains a lot of useful nutrient and properties. This fruit is known for its signature dark purple color and it’s very easy to found in Southeast Asia region. When eaten the taste itself is sweet as well as sour at the same time which make it very delicious and addicting. Even though the fruit is very small in size, but there are huge amount of nutrient that you can get from it.

This fruit is also often use in Chinese medicine as an ingredient for their herbal medicine to treat many kinds of disease. Then this ability is spread worldwide because there are plenty of benefits that people can get from consuming this fruit. Here are several of those benefits that you can get for your health whenever you try to consume this jamun fruit as parts of your diet.

1. Digestion

You can actually use health benefits of jamun fruit as ailment for many kinds of problems. One of them is digestion problem that you might experience suddenly for example diarrhea and also ulcer. This fruit has an antibacterial properties which able to remove bacteria from your digestion system. That is why you can use it to treat various problems in your digestion system that is caused by bacterial infection.

Additionally, you can also lower your risk of having problem in your digestion system by consuming the jamun fruit regularly. Eating this fruit will also able to trigger the production of saliva inside your mouth which will make the food becomes easier to digest by your stomach. Since the food will be break down while still inside your mouth. Eating this fruit together with curd can also help you to treat any problem in your digestion system.

When there are too many acids inside your stomach, then your stomach will feel weird, bloated, which could lead to many kinds of problem such as GERD, gastroparesis and many others. If you do not want this problem to occurs, then you should try to reduce the amount of gas inside your stomach. And this jamun fruit can do that job properly. You need to make an herbal medicine which consist of mixture of jamun fruit, cumin powder that is roasted, along with black salt.

2. Diabetes

If you are suffering from diabetes, then it’s advised for you to consume food that has low GI so it will not make your blood sugar rising dramatically. This is one of the health benefits of jamun fruit that you can get as this fruit is actually has low GI. Thus by consuming this fruit, then it can help you to control your blood sugar easier. Especially since you can consume this fruit without worrying it will increase your blood sugar dramatically. Inside this fruit there are many nutrient which also very useful for your body, so it’s actually good to consume.

Additionally, inside this fruit you can get oleanolic acid substance which is actually very useful for those with diabetes. There are some researches that show the oleanolic acid can work as anti diabetic substance. This substance is actually able to increase the affectivity, signaling, secretion, as well as biosenthyses of the insulin. This fruit is also able to lower the accumulation process of lipid and sugar inside your blood. By consuming this jamun fruit regularly, you will also able to lower several diabetes symptoms such as thrusting as well as frequent urination. However, do not over consuming this fruit as it can also make your blood sugar become too low which can also be dangerous for everyone even though you have diabetes in the first place.

3. Heart

The next health benefits of jamun fruit that you can get are from the tritepenoid substance available inside this fruit. This substance is actually able to inhibit the cholesterol into your body by lowering the production as well as accumulation of cholesterol. Thus by consuming this fruit, then the cholesterol level inside your body will become lowered. It is very useful especially for those who have heart disease or even those are concern about their heart condition even though they do not have the disease yet.

The cholesterol which accumulate inside your body will be able to block your blood artery which make the heart cannot pump the blood effectively anymore. This will make the heart have to work extra hard to pump the blood through the blockade. This will create many kinds of problem such as heart attack, hypertension, atherosclerosis as well as other cardiovascular diseases. If the blockade is occurs in your brain, then you may even experiencing stroke. That is why it’s better for you to prevent the cholesterol from blocking your blood vessel and make the heart work less hard. It is quite easy to do if you consume jamun fruit regularly.

4. Hemorrhoids

If the veins in lowest area of the rectum are swollen, then it can cause hemorrhoids to happen. This can occurs because the wall blood vessels are stretched too much so it will become thin. This will make it become easily irritated thus creating bulge which can burst and bleed. If the condition is too severe or the hemorrhoids are too big, then there might need some surgery procedure to remove it. That is why it’s important for you to treat the hemorrhoids as soon as possible so it will not get worse. The health benefits of jamun fruit can do it for you. You can use this fruit as a home remedies to treat the hemorrhoids that are nearly burst. But it can also be used to treat hemorrhoids that are already bleeding as it’s quite effective home remedies.

5. Blood

Inside the jamun fruit, you will also find iron nutrient which actually very useful for your blood. This nutrient is needed by your body in the production of hemoglobin for your red blood. This hemoglobin is actually useful in binding the oxygen so it can be transfer throughout your body. That is why it’s very important to have enough iron nutrients so you would not lacking hemoglobin component in your red blood. Additionally, this nutrient is also able to help in making your blood become pure by cleansing it.

6. Liver

Other health benefits of jamun fruit that you can get because of its blood cleansing properties. As this fruit is able to cleanse your blood, then this means it will also make your liver become healthier. As you know, the liver work is to filter your blood and removing toxin so it will not be absorbed by your body. Additionally, it will also produce bile which will break down the lipid inside your blood. It is very important so the lipid will not accumulate inside your body which can leads to many kinds of disease. And one of the things that you need to do is by making your liver become healthier so it will work efficiently in producing the bile. Sadly if there is too many toxin inside your blood, then the liver will work extra hard to remove the toxin. This will make the liver suffer and inflamed if happen in a long duration. But by consuming the jamun fruit, which able to cleanse the blood, then the liver do not need to work extra hard. Thus you will be able to reduce the burden of the liver and make it healthier.

7. Skin

Inside this jamun fruit, you will also able to find high amount of vitamin C content which actually very useful for your skin. It will be able to lighten your skin complexion so your skin will not look dull. It will also able to increase the production of collagen which needed by your skin so it can stay youthful and reduce wrinkle at the same time. The vitamin C will help in regeneration of skin cell so your skin texture can be improved. This vitamin C will also remove the effect of free radical on your skin which can speed up aging. If you have some blemishes or scar, then you can try to apply powder made using jamun fruit seed into your skin. This home remedies will be able to fade the blemishes or scaring in your skin.

8. Teeth

The vitamin C inside this fruit actually has a lot of health benefits of jamun fruit that you can get. Especially when it comes to your teeth, this vitamin is able to make your teeth become healthier. It will be able to maintain not only the condition of your teeth but also the condition of your gum. Especially since a lot of problem in your mouth area does not only comes from your teeth but may also comes from your gum. Asides from speeding up the healing of wound in the gum area, but it’s also able to prevent your gum from bleeding. Especially since inside this jamun fruit there are antibacterial properties which able to prevent the growth of bacteria inside your mouth which can damage for your teeth. The Astringent properties inside this fruit will also able to remove bad breath.

9. Cough

Another usage of vitamin C inside this fruit is for your throat. This vitamin is actually able to prevent cold from happening and to treat the throat so it will prevent your cough from getting severe. The antibacterial properties inside this fruit are also able to prevent infection which can cause cough or sore throat. The vitamin will also act as anti-histamine which can combat allergen so it will prevent the cold from happening.

10. Wound

You can try to use the health benefits of jamun fruit for treating your wound. Especially since this fruit is known with its ability to speed up the healing process so your wound will heal immediately. Additionally with the antibacterial properties that this fruit has, it will also prevent infection from happening in your wound which can leads to severe problem. You can use the jamun fruit my crushing the fruit and make it into paste which you can apply directly to the wound.

11. Immune System

The vitamin C inside this jamun fruit is actually also work well for your immune system. It will be able to help your immune system so it can work more effectively and boosting your health. The antibacterial properties will also help to remove bacteria inside your body so your immune system would not be too burden by the work. By having better immune system, this also means that your body will become healthier. You will also able to generate more energy which will be useful for you to do your activities throughout the day. That is the reason why; you should try to consume this jamun fruit regularly.

12. disease

The best health benefits of jamun fruit comes from many substances that this fruit has inside. First is the substance which actually makes this fruit earn its signature purple color named Anthocyanin. Next is the gallic acid as well as flavonoids which also available inside this fruit. All of those substances are actually known to be useful in fighting carcinogen which is the substance that can cause disease. They are also useful in fighting free radicals that can also cause disease to your body. Additionally this fruit also contains polyphenols which is useful in fighting the already there disease cells. Thus consuming this jamun fruit is actually useful for those who want to treat their disease cell and also those who want to prevent disease cell from happening.

13. Bone

Inside this fruit there are several nutrients which actually very useful for your bones such as calcium, vitamin C, iron as well as potassium. Those nutrient will be able to make your bones become stronger thus preventing any kinds of problem from happening to your bones such as osteoporosis. That is why if you want to be able to fulfill your daily needs of those nutrients then eating this jamun fruit can be one way that you can do.

14. Asthma

This jamun fruit is also known for its ability in treating asthma as one of the health benefits of jamun fruit that you can get. You can even try to create a home remedies using this jamun fruit as the ingredients. Just take around 15 grams of this fruit then boil it until you get a glass of herbal drink from it. Drink this herbal drink together with the fruit for three times every day until the asthma symptoms are gone. You can also consume the fruit regularly to prevent the asthma from coming back as this fruit as properties that can warn off allergen which causing the asthma symptoms to happens.

15. Sepsis

Another benefit that you can get from this jamun fruit is in the ability to prevent septis from happening. This disease occurs when there is some complication in the infection that already spread all over your body. That is why this disease is actually considered as a life threatening disease. Thus it’s very important for you to prevent the disease from even happening since it’s quite hard to treat it when the complication already happens. Inside the jamun fruit you will get antibacterial ability which can be used to treat the infection. That way, the infection will be healed immediately so it will not become severe which can cause complication to happen. The sign of severe infection is started from heavy fever thus you should immediately treat the infection when you already experiencing the fever. As a first aid treatment, you can try to consume this jamun fruit to prevent the spreading of the infection.

Those are many kinds’ health benefits of jamun fruit that you can get as this fruit contains many kinds of useful properties. The properties in this fruit will be able to make you become healthier and it’s also useful to treat several diseases. It is also useful to prevent many kinds of disease to happen. You can use the fruit by consuming it directly, making herbal drink by boiling the fruit or even apply it tropically by making the fruit into paste. Choose the correct method to consume the fruit based on the symptoms that you experience.

However, there are several precautions that you should understand before you try to consume this fruit in any method. First is for women who are currently pregnant it’s advised to not consuming this fruit even though there is no known effect that is proven until today. Next is to not consuming this fruit after you do any surgery. And do not eat too much of this fruit as it can create sputum accumulation in the lungs, causing sore throat and even cough to happen. However, if you consume the fruit in regular amount then you will be able to gain a lot of health benefits of jamun fruit.