You can experience the health benefits of Lipton tea when you drink it regularly. Lipton tea is one of the most popular brands of tea beverages under Unilever manufactured. If you craving to drink tea that contains no or less caffeine then this is a brand for you since the tea made from natural ingredients and it is highly sold globally for more than 100 years thanks to the quality of the brand, the delicious taste, and the health benefits. Drinking tea can help you to refresh your mind and it can even prevent some various health disorder risks.

The Long History of Lipton Tea

Before we are telling you what are the amazing health benefits of Lipton Tea, you need to know the brief history of this brand and why it can survive such a long time until today. The brand of the tea was derived from Sir Thomas Lipton who was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1850. And since he was 15 years old, he already traveled around America and end up work in grocery store there. He decided to go back to Scotland, his origin place in 1871 and opened his own grocery section.

In 1889, Lipton start sold tea and it made him travel to Ceylon which known as Sri Lanka as of today. He bought his own tea plantation in both India and Sri Lanka since he did not want to become the third parties merchant to get a good quality tea. The first tea package sold in United Kingdom and he use Lipton brand for his product and he even made his own marketing slogan.

In 1906, Lipton tea became the first blended tea brand from British that successfully imported to Japan where most of the people love tea. However, the brand did not successfully marketed to United States since the people in that country prefer coffee over tea. But today, Lipton tea brand becomes one of the most popular tea products all around the world and sold in various countries. You can find wide variety of products including lemon tea, green tea, black tea, and so on. The black tea is the most famous tea type from Lipton.

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15 Health Benefits of Lipton Tea List

In fact, drinking tea has become tradition for centuries and just like coffee, the tea is the most consumed beverage around the world. Meanwhile, Lipton Tea also offers numerous heath benefits that you can gain by consume the drink regularly. A cup of tea every day is good for your body and Lipton deliver not only nice taste, but also health benefits of Lipton Tea such as:

1. Helps to Improve Better Digestion

Some researchers have proven that drinking tea will help to improve better digestion. The properties containing in the tea can enhance body metabolism and thus lead to a better bowel movement. Moreover, tea improves good bacteria production which helps in healthy digestion tract.

2. Helps to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the most deadly disease that suffered by some of people in the world. This generic disease still becomes nightmare since until now there is no exact medicine to cure the cancers and most of people who suffer from this disease have lower chance to survive. However, it still possible to prevent cancer and one of the ways is by drinking healthy tea regularly in moderate amount. Health benefits of Lipton tea can prevent cancer because of antioxidant and flavonoids that can be found in the tea. These two components can help to fight against free radical effect and as for your information; free radical effect can lead to certain cancer disease because it can damage DNA and causing the cell to grow out of control.

3. Support Weight Loss

Drinking tea especially green tea variant during diet can support your weight loss. Healthy benefits of Lipton Tea for weight loss can help to improve body metabolism and in the end promote to burn the fat so your body can produce some energy. Do not add sweetener or choose the one without sweetener and then drink the tea after you wake up in the morning or before doing any activities can really help your body to lose some weight. Drink green tea as part of diet is already recommended by many experts.

4. Enhances Healthy Heart

Consuming Lipton Tea is really beneficial for your cardiovascular. Anti-oxidant particularly polyphenols helps to prevent any heart diseases and moreover, drinking the tea can lower bad cholesterol level (LDL). Epigallocatechin gallate as another active component ensure to maintain normal heart function. That’s why it is recommended to drink Lipton Tea in the morning after you wake up to experience the great health benefits of Lipton Tea for healthy heart improvement.

5. A Good Skin Care

Tea has anti-aging properties and there is some phrase said that drinking tea can make you young so maybe it is true. We already mentioned before that tea containing anti-oxidants which can help to fight against free radical effects. Free radicals can destroy your skin tissue and it can lose its firmness. Nutrients in the Lipton tea provide components to nourish the skin make it smoother and appear young.

6. Tea Can Prevent Cold

Drinking warm tea can help to prevent cold which caused by several factors including influenza virus. Besides improving immune system, drinking Lipton Tea especially with warm water can help to prevent cold thanks to its numerous compounds that work as anti-viral properties. The tea can help your body to fight against virus which can cause your body to suffer from cold. To get maximum health benefits of Lipton Tea then you can mix the tea with lemon or ginger.

7. Prevent Anemia

For people who suffer from anemic then you should try to drink tea because it can help to prevent anemia. Anemia is the condition where your body is lack from red blood cells and mild anemic can result in weak body and fainting, while severe anemic even can lead to death. Lipton Tea offers some amount of iron and it is a mineral that required to supports red blood cells production and thus drinking tea to provide excellent source of iron intake is a must.

8. Helps to Strengthen The Bones

There are some studies that mentioned elder women who like to drink tea frequently including Lipton Tea lead to a better bone density compared to those who are not drink some tea. The floride and flavonoids amounts containing in the tea help to strengthen the bones and maintaining it strong and so drinking tea start from young until elder will help you to have healthy bones.

9. The Tea Can Relax Your Mind

One of the reasons of why so many people love to drink tea anytime anywhere is because the tea has relaxing effect. Just a cup of tea after your stressful activities can help to soothe your mind and thus it can help to relieve yourself from stress. You can drink the tea regularly either in the afternoon or in the night after your work.

10. Prevent Tooth Caries

Health benefits of Lipton Tea is not only for your internal body, but it can also help to maintain healthy teeth and prevent carries. It is because the EGCG plus the flavonoids contained in the tea provides anti-bacterial properties which combat the growth of bacterial inside your mouth and moreover, it helps to remove teeth plaque while prevent carries.

11. Tea Can Improve Your Memory

You may believe it or not but drinking some tea regularly can help to improve your brain memory. Some researcher found that drinking tea can make you smart because the beverage can help to improve long term memory in human brain. If you want to feel the effect then you can drink a cup of tea to maintain healthy brain and to improve learning activities.

12. Helps to Prevent Diabetes

Any healthy tea especially Lipton Tea can help to prevent the rise of blood sugar level in your body which sometimes called as hyperglycemia. The active compounds found in the tea ingredients have been reported can effectively help to enhance insulin sensitivity and thus can prevent diabetes disease particularly type 2 diabetes.

13. Fight Against Prostate Cancer in Male

Drinking Lipton Tea is recommended to both men and women because it can help to prevent or at least lower the risk of certain cancer diseases. A study has proven that consuming high quality tea will provide you with active components that support cancer cells apoptosis which can also help to kill cancer cell growth in male prostate. Of course, tea is not only can help to prevent and fight against prostate cancer in male, but it is possible to prevent breast cancer in women as well which we are going to discuss below.

14. Lower The Risk of Breast Cancer to Coming Back Again

Although there is no definite proof that there is some health benefits of Lipton Tea for breast cancer, however researcher women who ever suffer from such cancer and like to drink tea frequently has lower risk of breast cancer recur compared to women who does not like to take a cup of tea regularly. Whether it is true or not, but we already certain that drink tea can give you various health benefits for the body.

15. Tea Can Relieve Constipation

Tea is not only lead to a better digestion but it can also help to relieve constipation and thus if you ever experience constipation, then you can try to drink some Lipton Tea to relieve it. Tea contains laxative, an active component which known to help bowel movement and give better digestion. Drinking a tea after you eat some meal is okay.

Tips to Consume Lipton Tea

After you learn those health benefits of Lipton Tea then it is the time you should understand the right way to consume Lipton Tea so you can get maximum benefits. Check these tips when you want to take tea each day:

  • Purchase and prepare the Lipton Tea, please check the label first to ensure that the product is not out of the expired date.
  • There are various types of tea, but the best one is green tea which provides the best aid for your body health.
  • Those who have diabetic history should avoid drinking tea with sweeteners.
  • You can mix the tea with other natural ingredients such as ginger, lemon, honey, basil, and many more.
  • Get rid your high caffeine coffee habit by replace it with tea in the morning after wake up. Drinking tea also help to boost metabolism and refresh energy so you can drink it one hour after meal.
  • For pregnant women it is okay to drink tea, but do not consume too much because it can prevent the body to absorb folic acid which is vital during pregnancy. Do not drink over three to four cups of Lipton Tea per day.

Those are the health benefits of Lipton Tea as well as some cautions that need to be paid attention.